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Gar was just bidding his time After Stark hero and Mia heroine have Been Made Into One made into one their mating the Cougar Spirit speaks and recruits the hero and heroine to rise up against the poachers who have been invading the mountain and illegal loggers who are destroying the forest Stark and Mia can conuer anything now that Cougar Spirit has brought them together I just love happy endings The world building foreshadowed some possibly intriging story telling but really failed to deliver any satisfactory elements to this particular story Since there appears to be no seuel I m guessing I ll never find out if Cougar Mountain was saved by our hero s Terrible it has a couple good points the overlyuing story line was good but for the entire book it felt like an X rated movie And then after the X Rated movie stoped the movie went to an ending that didn t fulfill what ou wanted to know I gave it 2 stars because the overlying story had potentional but the execution sucked Pretty wild and steaming for a hike in the mountains. Licit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Dominationsubmission dubious consen. Was written by a 15 r I can hardly wait for my library to get some different sci fi books and hopefully something worth listening to Whoa Creepy stalker guy Got this on a digital rental Waste of time 0 Stars Mia and Stark have life altering interchanges in the forest Conclusion to things came to fast Seem like stops were missed along the way Cougar s Captive by Vonna Harper is an audiobook I got because of the coverI had just completed another book with a character named Stark so initially I was excited Oh well The steamy part was entertaining but the plot was thin as was the world buildingThank goodness it was SHORT BECAUSE I WAS ALWAYS THINKING because I was always thinking what my next read would be It says a lot when it takes 3 days to finish a novella But I stuck with it though If I hadn t I would ve missed out for when they finally did the deed with a creepy cougar and hawk watching them I wonder if the cougar found it amusing when the heroine stuck her thumb in the hero s bum hole telling him to take his punishment But the cou. Cougar Spirit More animal than human he intends to own her body and soul to make her his Publisher's Note This book contains exp. Stark had some of the worst opening lines Well they re pretty good for a serial rapistmurderer but his entire tone and demeanor was just plain freaky It was like he was seducing her into some kind of cult And then he starts spewing crap about answering to a cougar spirit AFTER assaulting restraining and going as far as to gag Mia The guy s lonely and that s about the only good reason ou ll get for why he s doing what he s doingThis book rubbed me the wrong way and left me bummed I actually finished reading it a couple days "ago and didn t want to review it "and didn t want to review it because I didn t even want t want to review it Mostly because I didn t *Even Want Even Think About It But *want even think about it But s completely taken away my appetite to read so I figured I ll throw something down if only to get it out of my system So there Predator gets 1 star And that s only because it was ultimately a story about a shifter claiming a mate I ve always found Vonna Harper s writing a bit much like a tease Lots of build up with the climax less than satisfactory et I still keep readin rolling eyes I d swear it. Climbing Cougar Mountain was supposed to help Mia find herself relax Instead it finds her captive of the compelling avatar of the. .

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Cougar's Captive