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[BOOKS È Crossing Fire Heretic Daughters #2] by R.K. Lilley –

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I never rate a book before it comes out but I did because of the author It has been about six years since she published the first book and ended it with a massive cliffhanger Many of us have been waiting and listening to her while she claims that it is the next one on the release list but she has released several books before then I even logged on to twitter to see if she has put out any news about the book to find out that she is writing a standalone This author does not seem to care about her fans MrsLilley has officially Lost Me As A Fan Mrs Lilley You Cannot Leave me as a fan Mrs Lilley You cannot leave cliffhange. From the author Okay so there's good news and bad news The bad news is I still don't have a release date for Crossing Fire Heretic Daughters Book Two The good news I do have a cover and a little teaser for you Here it isCrossing Firehttprklilleycomindex#crossing Update September 6th 2017Happy Labor Day everyone Crossing Fire is still the next book on the release schedule The book is coming along nicely We are hoping to have a preorder for the book soon Thanks everyone for their patienceChris LilleyOkay so there's good news and bad news The. ,

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Crossing Fire Heretic Daughters #2I give up on book 2 and I give up on RK Lilley It S Time It s time face itshe s obviously given up on this series She s an excellent writer but she is unreliable She continued to give release dates that she obviously doesn t intend to follow through with while continuing on with other series new releases Like damn at least give your fans an update or something or better yet tell your fans your putting the book on hold for a while or that you don t plan to continue with this series Either way I m done Cancel my subscription because I m over this issue Girl bye Why is this taking so long. It was one of the things I loved most about him Still it had always made everything hard It was so hard to be the other half of someone’s perfect love story when you were as imperfect as me I’d always known I’d fuck it all up It had only been a matter of timeDOM It had always been as clear as day to me that it was fate that brought us together Our love was written in the stars as clearly as ink on paper but I knew she couldn’t read it She was no star Gazer And Certainly No And certainly no chaser Her feet were planted too firmly on the ground. R in a book then leave it for several years that clearly shows that you have little regard for usyour fans Yesss finally I Wanted To Cry When wanted to cry when saw that the seuel was finally coming 3 years and counting Will this ever get released This is probably the longest standing seuel that doesn t have a release date I want to read this so badly I realize that urban fantasy pays less then romance but PLEASE may we have this book IS THIS REALLY GETTING PUBLISHED ON THE 6th SEPTEMBER OR HAVE I GOT MY HOPES UP FOR NO REASON 3 YEARS LATER4 YEARS LATER5 YEARS LATER6 YEARS LATER7 YEARS LATER. Bad news is I still don't LATER6 YEARS LATER7 YEARS LATER. Bad News Is I Still Don't Bad news is I still don't release date for Crossing Fire Heretic Daughters Book Two The good news I do have a cover and a little teaser for you Here it isJILLIANIt had always been clear to me that we had different songs playing in our heads My music was usually of a death metal battle march that involved a lot of blood being spilt Dom’soh Dom’s music was something that a romantic Irish poet would listen to whatever the fuck that might be He was a warrior but I’d always known he had a poet’s soul There could be no denying that. .

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