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books free Digital Biology How Nature Is Transforming Our Technology and Our Lives –

This book could have been 50 pages instead of 250 Parts of it were interesting but the repetition of points and unnecessary rhetorical flourishes kept putting me to sleep Besides that it was written backwards the rhetorical flourishes kept putting me to sleep Besides that it was written backwards the s thesis comes at the end of the damn book in a section titled Answers This thesis is presented as uite profound but by the the damn book in a section titled Answers This thesis is presented as uite profound but by the I ot to it I d already read the arguments for it and it seemed obvious Put it at the beginning of the book Bentley then make your supporting arguments By the time I Life by Committee got to this last section I was so tired of reading this stuff that I sk This book resumes nicely the field of computatioal Biology It s a really easy reading book Good for beginners and intermediates Loved the intuitive explanations that Peter Bentley used to explain such a vast range of subjects Patronising but fun Imagine a future world where computers can create universes digital environments made from binary ones and zeros Imagine that within these universes there exist biological forms that reproducerow and think Imagine plantlike forms ant colonies immune systems and brains all adapting evolving and Inner Factors That Control Outer Success 10 CDS getting better at solving problems Imagine if our computers becamereenhouses for a new kind of nature Just think what digital biology could do for usPerhaps it could evolve new designs for us think up ways to detect fraud using digital neurons or solve scheduling problems with ants Perhaps it could detect hackers with immune systems or create music from the patterns of The Keeper of the Jackalopes growth of digital seashells Perhaps it would allow our computers to become creative and inventiveNow stop imaginingdigital biology is an intriguinglimpse into the future of technology by one of the mo. Digital Biology How Nature Is Transforming Our Technology and Our LivesIn which we can use computers to solve tricky problems The first few chapters set the scene by describing digital universes and the mechanisms behind evolution The bulk of the book takes particular biological systems eg brains insect colonies immune systems etc explains them to a reasonable level of detail and then mentions that these ideas are influencing one or areas of computer scienceUnfortunately the book tries to do too much by attempting to explain both the biological and digital systems It results in the biology being cursory and the subseuent digital analogues being vague If you already know a bit the book s a little dull if you know nothing then you re left wantingOverall it s clearly written but too ambitious if Peter Bentley had focused on a couple of topics then this book would have been a reat deal rewarding. T will navigate highways safely and with maximum fuel efficiency Computers will soon be powerful enough and small enough that they can become part of clothing Digital agents will be able to help us find a bank or restaurant in a city that we have never visited before even as we walk through the airport Miniature robots may even be into our bodies to monitor our health Digital Biology is also an exploration of biology itself from a new perspective must understand how nature works in its most intimate detail before we can use these same biological processes inside our computers Already scientists engaged in this work have ained new insights into the elegant simplicity of the natural universeThis is a visionary book written in accessible nontechnical language that explains how cutting edge computer science will shape our world in the coming decade. Very nearly put this book down after the first few pages I found the author s style patronising and slow however I perservered and after the first few chapters really started to enjoy the book There is some really The Language of Love good information in here paticularly on the ideas of using the immune system as a model for IT security and intruder detection However if you are familiar with basic biology and computing you can skim the first few chaptersIn summary aood fun introduction to AI and artificial life It isn t a heavy read and you won t learn enough to make practical use of "the ideas expressed but it may well tempt you to learn "ideas expressed but it may well tempt you to learn A little too much biology and not enough digital This is a broad reaching book that aims to ive the reader a little bit of knowledge about the various ways in which biology is influencing the way. st biology is influencing the way. St thinkers ways in which biology is influencing the way. St creative thinkers in computer science today As Peter J Bentley explains the next iant step in computing technology is already under way as computer scientists attempt to create digital universes that replicate the natural world Within these digital universes we will evolve solutions to problems construct digital brains that can learn and think and use immune systems to trap and destroy computer virusesThe biological world is the model for the next eneration of computer software By adapting the principles of biology computer scientists will make it possible for computers to function as the natural world does In practical terms this will mean that we will soon have smart devices such as houses that will keep the temperature as we like it and automobiles that will start only for drivers they recognize through voice recognition or other systems and tha. ,

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