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Easy and Effective Professional the Power of Peer #OBSERVATION TO IMPROVE TEACHING IS WRITTEN BY CATHY BECK #to Improve Teaching is written by Cathy Beck D Elia and Mike Lamond The uick and easy read offers practical information about establishing teacher led job embedded ighly effective professional development with examples from three different schoolsThis book Tote Sprache: Cartoons auf Latein has testimonials from teachers observing teachers with a focus on improving instructional practices thatave made a difference in sch. Given the current economic climate and budget constraints facing schools funding for professional development is continually reduced And yet administrators still need to find methods to implement new instructional initiatives such as the Common Core State Standards This important book provides leaders with a igh uality professional development

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Easy and Effective Professional DevelopmentOol and classroom culture as as student achievement These
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provide the base for this type of #as student achievement These three authors provide the research base for this type of collaboration and the tips for setting up the Peer Observation ProcessThe POP is a three stage process pre observation meeting observation and constructive feedback all from the perspective of getting better Within the Peer Observation groups teachers were sharing feedback objective options and decision making FOOD and these success drivers Pproach at a low cost the Peer Observation Process Outlined in manageable steps this strategy will The Professional Victims Handbook help leaders implement any new school initiative or instructional method no matter the contextThis book willelp you Support staff with job embedded learning that includes reflection and feedback Get your staff excited and engage them in ongoing co. Eem to be inherent in the #PROCESS ONE FOCUSES ON THE #One chapter focuses on and supports for Common Core which includes a great idea for book studies Providing this built in support network for teacher both new and veteran is basically no cost Finding time for teachers to meet and share is key Manageable steps checklists provided to Nightmares Angels help get things started important information about support communication and feedback make this book about POP one you will want to conside. Llaboration Create teams and organize schedules Initiate and deliver tough conversations Address accountability and measure successBased on an established and successful program this book outlines an effective approach that is easy to implement and willelp schools increase student achievement strengthen school culture and improve job satisfacti. ,