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( EPUB First Lessons A Medieval Tale #1 ) ¾ Lina J. Potter –

The Hate U Give dMent of gadgets such as making inkwells and clasps for earrings and a rigid weight loss schemeThe main character is cold She just lost her parents and her own body in a car accident and her new persona whose body she possesses in the medieval setting has lost her baby I would beevastated but not AliyaLilian She is concerned about the pink colour of the walls her overweight body and her pink ressesThe book has an open ending which would not be a problem if at least something in the story has come to a conclusion Maybe Lilian meeting her estranged husband would #have been a good one but no this is probably happening in book #been a good one but no this is probably happening in book I suspect that the book could be a good one if a lot of unnecessary info gets scrapped The entire series can be concentrated in one volume and you probably end up with a good read Publishing Date April 2018Publisher LithunterISBN 9781980565512Genre SciFiFantasyRating 355Publisher s Description A brilliant Medical school graduate Aliya a sporty and active girl ies suddenly in a car crash only to find herself reborn in a completely Sheet Metal Shop Practice different body in the middle of ailapidated castle Cait and the Devil during Medieval times While confused andismayed Aliya realizes she has been given another chance at life so she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work on restoring her new castle and her new lifeReview This story line has been one beforea lot I remember reading an old scifi novel where an engineer ended up in Poland prior to WWII and reshaped that countries estiny Since then there have been many a spin off of the parallel worldtime travel variety So what sets this novel apart from the rest that have gone before Read onThe rendering of the period is just what you would expect Dirty muddy stinky and gross Hygiene was considered unholy and the author captures this slice of life to perfection Rotten teeth round out the players in this medieval tale Women are considered beneath consideration unless born to nobility and even then lack the pro active ability that men shareReviews were up and own on this novel with Jumpy narrative and Incomplete story leading the charge I agree that the story line sometimes shifted a bit and I idn t have a problem sometimes shifted a bit and I idn t have a problem the serialized aspect as the novel

Was Lengthy Enough What Kind 
lengthy enough What kind sucked was the rawn out story line in places where it The Ausar Auset Nutrition Handbook did not need to be For instance ruminating over and over what you need too in repetitive fashion and belaboring scenes until they are beaten to Girls Und Panzer, vol. 1 death makes for filler than actual storyDespite some much needed editing I liked this novel as the author crafts a main character that you constantly pull for There are many collisions in Aliya s future with not only her husband but the nobility at large Thisark cloud persists in riving the reader to root for her successes before the ax fallsGet it and see where it goes if so inclined to serialized contentYou can read all of my reviews here This is a good story with terrible editing confusing at times The author jumps from one character to another in a shockingly abrupt manner The only thing that kept me reading was the story it s a good one the main character is pragmatic and has etermination Nevertheless I would read book 2 I like the story I am not a genre reader in general but I was up to trying something new I very much loved the opening of the tale I found it very captivating and how she interlaced the lives of both Aliya and Lilian a soul that hungers to live vs a soul that wants to La Vilaine Lulu die Reading thisouble character that is conflicting but also cooperative in a way and its evelopment was very refreshing and in. Er own hands First Lessons is the opening book of the bestselling historical romance and time travel fantasy series A Medieval Tale by Lina J Potter The heroine finds herself in the alternate world at the very beginning of a thorny path to progress and happiness On top of everything she has to go up against the unprogressive and sexist society of the Middle Ages armed only with her knowledge experience and willpower Still AliyaLilian has to act carefully in order not to raw too much attention to her innovations she knows she could either get praised for her geniusor be accused of witchcraft The bestselling time travel and historical romance A Medieval Tale series has been carefully translated into English and already gained a strong English speaking fan bas. First Lessons A Medieval Tale #1I could not get
Through This Book Found Myself 
this book Found myself pages just to read about the main character Everything else was buzzing in my ear This book Filthy Rich Boys (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, does not have a plot and just buzzes on and on I cannot figure out what genre to put it into I will not bother with book 2 Fun writer fun storyI thought this was a time travel novel butiscovered it was a fantasy The characters are very interesting both in motivation and action There s plenty of room for Granvilles New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing for Maximum Profit deviance from historicalevelopment and events because it s an earth like world but not the middle ages earthThe story moved fast and some would probably #Say Too Fast I Would Agree With #too fast I would agree with but in the main character s situation I would probably Artificial Evolution (Big Sigma, do the same or something similar Theangers from poor hygiene poor On Moral Courage diet lack of medical knowledge and stifling of innovation are very powerfulrivers for making change as uickly as feasible for the sake of survivalSince this isn t Medieval Europe the power of the guilds and the rise of the early cities Nanny by Chance doesn t have to be mirrored too closely in this world That said between the charging ahead by the main character and the lack of opposition to changes in merchant goods farming and other things the storyoes speed along almost too fast to Mastering the Art of Self-Sufficiency in New Zealand develop many of the charactersOn balance it s a fast fun read in a plausible universe and the series could be very entertaining It s the candy not the wrapper that matters And it s the person you live with not their good looks Aliya wakes up in another body in aifferent time period after she ies in a car crash Her former life as a medical student is gone and now she is Lilian Earton Countess of Earton In a whole new world Aliya has to get used to the medieval thinking and at the same time try to find people who can invent the items that already exists in our worldLina J Potter gives us a story like no one I ve read before were a strong female character slowly changes the world she s living in Lilian might not have been the kindest person but with her authority and Aliyas intelligent mind a great uniue woman is in the spotlight I m so happy that LitWorld s lithuntersph Orisha oorisha reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to read some of Lina s work because I m pretty sure that this series will get even better and better as it continues The only negative thing I have to say about the book is that Aliya s comments about Lilians body sometimes gets a little bit too much and was very close to fat shaming That s something I m really against and on t like at all But after living in Lilian s body for a while she seems to realize that she is beautiful even though she has fat on her body than she John, Paul Me-Before the Beatles did in her former body First Lessons by Lina J Potter gets 45 stars Now if you ll excuse me I m gonna read the next book You can find this review a creative picture with the book included over at my Instagram sannareads Have you ever wondered what you wouldo if you suddenly would be transported to a place in the past while you had all your modern knowledgeIn this Russian fantasy novel medical student Aliya ies in a carcrash and then somehow wakes up in another body in another world that is very much like our Middle AgesThis Russian novel is a bit ifferent At first I thought it was a story meant for highschool students but nevertheless was so attracted by the synopsis I volunteered to review The thing is that although the heroine is a medical student I think the targeted readers might be found in 18 Not that the story is steamy it is not No because of the serious way the whole situation is handledIn most timetr. Aliya is a medical school graduate gifted with both smarts and an athletic body Her life seems perfectuntil she finds herself in a fatal car accident Instead of Ion Adventure in the Heartland, Volume 1 dying however she wakes up in a completelyifferent body in the middle of a half ruined castle uring alternate medieval times Confused and ismayed Aliya realizes she was given a second chance in life so she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work on restoring the castle and her new life Aliya’s situation is confusing and challenging Reborn as Countess Lilian Earton she has to adjust to an unfamiliar world while trying to introduce everyday conveniences from the world she knows Her first goal is taking care of the collapsing estate of Earton and its inhabitants and learning to navigate a society. Avel stories people just blend in If there is the fact that they know than the people surrounding them then it is in that they know the future It is not so much that they would share advanced technology Here there is no knowledge of the future it is a ifferent world not the past But Aliya now countess Lilian has a wide share of knowledge how to make things and how to "cure people and she sets off to monetise that and improve her village It made me wonder what I would "people and she sets off to monetise that and improve her village It made me wonder what I would and I realised my knowledge is not suitable at all in a situation like that I am a lawyerSo what to say about this novelThe writer is very apt in worldbuilding The world escribed sounds real Countess Lilian lives in a would with many similarities to medieval Europe You recognise the Vikings the Jews and the Arabs but the church is just Here Comes The Sissy Bride (My Sissy Husband Confesses, different Laws areifferent And similarSometimes the writing style seems a bit Places of Performance different to me but that might be because it is a Russian novel that is translated Things like that can somehow showifferent cultures of writing styles It is not annoyingThe book really has potential to be great but seems to break off just when the stage is set for action I would advice to publish it together with part 2 I expect there is one I think it will be received better that way Lots of the better fantasy stories are heavy tomes that has the reader reading for The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over days on end so there is no need to cut the story intoifferent volumes Now we end up with a clever exercise how to keep yourself afloat in the Middle Ages and we see storm brewing on the horizon but the thunderclaps have not been heard yet All the action has yet to comeIt could be მოგონებები შეფიცულთა რაზმზე done like this if this part would be for free but when you want to charge a fee I think customers might grumble because it feels like you are reading a good book and suddenly someone grabs it and takes it awayPS I really liked the fact that the heroine is a heavy set lady who kicks ass I am no feather either It s the candy not the wrapper that matters And it s the person you live with not their good looks This book reminded me a lot of Game of thrones mixed with the tv show Reign who has a modern woman running an Count s estate There was humor political intrigue backstabbing and entertaining adventures similar to the shows above My only only issue i had with this story and its a big issue in my opinion is the jumping from perspective to perspective in the middle of a chapter without warning I really got annoyed with that especially when we were in one place one paragraph to be moved to a completelyifferent place and a The Heart of Business different character without warning at least beivided by chapters or let the reader know whats going on Because of this i give this book a 4 out of 5 stars i really enjoyed this and cannot wait for I love this adventureWhat a nice change this story is No vampires no blood and Gore no crude sex scenes or filthy language and what Treasures of Darkness do you knowit s still a great fun interesting story with wonderful characters A talented Author that can truly write andoes not reuire any gimmicks Love Lillian What a trooper A book I so wanted to love but I failed My 2 star rating is not so much for the author but is awarded to her support #team the book needs editing maybe a lot #The book needs editing Maybe a lot lost in translation who knowsThe concept of the story is one I love I am for one a fan of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and love the historical fiction books by Sharon PenmanWhat I look for in a fiction book is simple Romance Action humour or a combination of them The author failed on all accounts and concentrated on the evelop. Unused to a woman in charge Constant attacks of robbers and slave traders never seem to stop plaguing Aliya and killers and spies sent by the narcissistic aristocracy are just waiting for her to show a bit of weakness so to show a bit of weakness so they can strike even if as she finds an alternative solution to her troubles eveloping alliances with the Highlanders and Vikings called the Virmans In the meantime she is terrified with the prospect of finally meeting her perpetually absent husband whom incidentally Aliya has never seen ever since her rebirth as Lilian Her plan is to make the best of her unusual circumstances and to change this alternate world for the better She is not a girl in trouble waiting for a knight in shining armor; all that Aliya has to Menopause and the Mind do she’llo with ,