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LEGO Minifigure Mayhem World Book Day 2019Ate to that minifigure And each SECTION HAS A CHALLENGE IN IT has a challenge in it stack a minifigure see how many minifigures you can stack before they tip over Then at the end there is a uick uiz to see how much you ve been paying attention as you ve been reading the bookCynical people might say it is just a glossy full colour catalogue advertising LEGO minifigures in an attempt to subliminally encourage young readers to pester their parents into getting them Me I can t complain about it It is just a uid nicely presented and my ids love Nd be inspired by creative LEGO play Ideas And ChallengesLEGO Minifigure Mayhem Is Packed and challengesLEGO Minifigure Mayhem is packed colourful images that will encourage even reluctant readers to read about their favourite LEGO characters and beyond ©2019 The LEGO Grou. .

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Time The front says it Facts Jokes Challenges "and all of those feature The minifigures profiled are in pairs why there are 42 and not just "all of those feature The minifigures profiled are in pairs hence why there are 42 and not just as listed in the contents Within the pairs one of the characters is given a mini facts box where their likes and dislikes are detailed eg Hot Dog Man likes surprise surprise hot dogs along with a paragraph of text and a picture whilst the other character has the same but without the mini facts box Some of the minifigures have Speech Bubbles Telling Jokes bubbles telling jokes might rel. Ng to develop a love of reading Find out about some of the coolest and silliest LEGO minifigure characters with simple entertaining text and fun fact files Discover the Chef's tastiest creations laugh at the Clown's funniest jokes ,
It was ok thanks Minifigure Mayhem Was The Hotly was the most hotly of the Book Day 2019 books in our household when we looked at the WBD website to see what books would be coming out Now we ve got it and love it My 8 year old daughter says it is amazing that she likes the challenges and she was also laughing at some of the jokesMy ids love LEGO hence why they were looking forward to this book It contains short bitesize profiles on 42 minifigures across 3 sections entitled Out of this world Busy minifigures and Party. Join the LEGO® minifigure party and celebrate World Book Day 2019 with a bunch of wacky and wonderful LEGO charactersFull of facts jokes and activities this special World Book Day book is perfect for young LEGO fans who are beginni. ,