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Enticed By You (by You, lDo you google We GET ITshe s from a cult and she knows nothing of the outside world but for theove of all that s holy why the hell did we need to read about it for than 60% of the book She doesn t know what sex is or what a penis is or why she has these Feelings towards these boys There was no romance in the part of the book i managed to read from what I read in other reviews there is ONE kiss That s it In a supposed RH Bully Romance and there is no damn romance and no Bullying Maybe REthink how you Ngôi nhà xưa label your books in the futureI could go on and on about how utterly bad this book was on so manyevels But i Firing Schedules for Glass - The Kiln Companion ll justeave it as it is If you need a book that is going to put you to sleep at bed time pick this up It Adam and the Ants ll do the trickTo all you peopleeaving 4 Star Or Better Reviews What The Hell You Guys star or better reviews what the hell you guys Cause i d need it to finish this awful attempt at a story Yeah ok Slow but good Lemme make this short and sweetThings that this book is A paranormal reverse harem academy story with some very small bits of romance and veeeeery mild bullying in very few instances It s so mild that I was even wondering why it is mentioned in the blurb in the first place The bullying isn t in fact Les Carnets de Cerise T3 - Le Dernier des cinq trsors like it is in the usual academyhigh school bully stories and thus it isn t the main focus of the story at all So if you dislike bully romances you can still totally enjoy this one If you re worried here s a spoileryist of what type of bullying there #is in this book view spoilerEve aka the FMC is called out by a boy #in this book view spoilerEve aka the FMC is called out by a boy Samuel for having three boys as friends and he hints at her being a slut He doesn t call her a slut though She hits him for it twice as revenge Then Eve is disliked by Alexandre aka Dre who is friends with the three abovementioned three boys He doesn t really say many nasty things to her but mainly ignores her OR THINKS NASTY THOUGHTS ABOUT HER thinks nasty thoughts about her her back so again she isn t really bullied to her face Then when the boys are away one random guy trips her and she falls on her knees And she then turns around and chokes him slams him into a glass table and threatens his Return to Doomstar (Doomstar 2) life if he ever touches her again And finally once there is a scene where a girl tells Eve that Stefan a boy sheikes actually Language - A Student Handbook on Key Topics and Theories likes some other girl and that Eve is blocking their romance But that all is cleared up in the next breath and all is well The only bullying there is really is when people ignore her andeave her alone aka isolating her but it s not as if we re seeing scenes where she actually talks to random people and gets ignored She just seems to only have friends that will end up being members of her harem perhaps So in other words there is no bullying hide spoil. She prays her future will be brighter How wrong she is Raised in a cult Eve has no understanding of the modern world Targeted as a freak a Pack of boys take her under their wing but one among them recognizes Eve for wh. 45 stars This trilogy starts so strong and ends in a trainwreck Two main complaints here 1 The premise is that our heroine Eve grows up in a religious cult that s completely cut off from the outside world She s saved from marriage to a 70 something polygamist cult eader when she s whisked away to an academy for supernatural creatures Of course she s Extra Special which raises alarm bells at this academy and in between trying to figure out whether or not the faculty are going to execute her for being different she provides a Lot Of Comedic Relief of comedic relief not understanding the modern world or contemporary idioms Her harem coalesces around her ramping up to that RH sweet spot where a crowd of guys are anxiously fussing over her every moveAt first it seems IGNITING THE FIRE (The Crow Academy Book 1) like the series is about Eve shedding her indoctrination growing into her powersspecialness and maybe taking on the powers that be in this new supernatural world But in the third book the series takes a turn and all of a sudden view spoilerwe re back to religion The creatures are created by God we meet the original Adam and Eve and our heroine Eve is on a mission to free the world from the Original Sin hide spoiler what in the world did i just read I read the blurb to this book and wasike ok this sounds good Bully RH romance in an academy setting is all the rage right now and i ve read several series that have been really good This is not one of those good stories First et s start off by saying this is NOT a Bully Romance There is pretty much NO BULLYING in this book Which is fine Don t get me wrong i don t need my MC to continually get shit upon But at the same time that s what you re expecting when it is branded as such There is one instance where it is eluded to that Eve is a slut but no one actually calls her that outright They just assume she is because she is hanging around with Stefan and his other friends all the time i mean you can only be friends with guys if you re banging them rightLet me also say that I only made it through 60% of this book before I just had to stop What happened in that 60% you askabsolutely NOTHING of interest happened in that much of the book Eve who *was apparently raised in some sort of cult setting gets picked up and sent to a school for people with *apparently raised in some sort of cult setting gets picked up and sent to a school for people with souls inside them Premise seems ike it could be really great It got my attention Backwards girl goes to school with modern kids But again absolutely nothing happened The whole 60% of the book i managed to get through was nothing but Eve asking ridiculous uestions about everything Whats a tv How do you work a microwave Whats s a shower and a toilet OMG what is this thing you call and smart phone and how. A bully romance The Secret Art of Great Conversation like no otherCaelum an Academy built to protect peopleike EveWho they can't protect her fromIts own student bodyThe threat of death isn't new to Eve but when she's given the chance to escape her past. .
Seven WishesEr Totally dug this book It was recommended to me and I can t say It was a bad one It was so different from other Paranormal RH books I had read I was gripped by the story the world and the characters so much so I downloaded the rest without even finishing the first The storytelling is so great I felt ike I was part of the story I didn t want the story to end and I can t wait to read of the series FREE on today 172020 Rating 45 stars The Caelum Academy Trilogy was one good read and I Devoured The Three Books In A Couple the three books in a couple daysBut the blurb is crap I do not know who decided to call it a bully romance in the first place because it s very very VERY far from that In the whole trilogy There is one scene of bullying from a random character that stops as soon as it startsEve is in danger from the Student Body Right no Unless the Very interesting world I hope we Digital Trust learn about itThe h is such a contrast and I see aot of growth in her future Oh Man I Adore Eve Shes I adore Eve Shes different And tries so hard to understand everyone and everything She is handling being different really well But I guess with her background shes used to being different I absolutely ove all the guys shes hanging out with Stefan Eren and Nestor Although Dre is a freaking douche the way he treats her Eve is a freaking bad ass and those sniveling bitches need to go on somewhere Hope Eve shows them a thing or two And I m really curious about her 8th soul I m thinking it s a Ghoul soul Seven Wishes is everything you d want an academy story to be Fabulous heroine great guys powerful creatures and a mysterious school that is the answer to every desire with untold dangers urkingEve is an innocent Raised in an unforgiving environment that has kept her ignorant of the world and ignorant of who she is what she is But despite being an innocent Eve is also a survivor and has a hidden core of steel in her As she On My Knees (Stark International Trilogy, learns her way around this new school she s been taken to she makes friends forms bonds andearns at a breakneck speed There s no mistaking her intelligence her instincts and her desire to know about this new world she s thrust into I ove Eve She s exactly the kind of heroine I adore The guys are terrific From Stefan s initial kindness to Eren and Nestor s acceptance and care Reed and Frazer s begruding friendliness Even Samuel being mean and Dre being a dick doesn t take away from them being great guys It will take them all time to find their footing and come together as ong standing rivalries get in the wayThis story is epic and one of the best from Ms Akeroyd that I ve read I could not put it down and devoured it in one sitting I ove everything about itSee from Deanna s World. At she is Trouble And a threat At Caelum threats need eliminating Eve survived her past but what of her futureFind out if she makes it out alive in book ONE of the complete Caelum Academy trilogy A Why Choose Romance?.

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