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Cus on molested children I may have to say goodbye to this seriesIt is also a shame that the titular main character just annoys the crap out of me I think one of my biggest problems with DD Besides The Fact That She besides the fact that she doesn to ou know figure out stuff through investigation is that she doesn t seem to be in the job in order to seek justice for her victims She strikes me as a person who just likes to catch bad guys and show how big her balls are She s incredibly antagonistic when she is uestioning people Even people who her own evidence proves are not likely to be involved in the crimeTruthfully I think A lot of my lack of warmth toward her could do with the fact that so far in the two books I ve read in this series the only time we spend in DD s head is to hear about 1 how prettyhotsexy she is 2 how much she loves to eat and 3how desperate she is to get laid The most substantive time we get in characters heads are of the people who are the probable perps Gardner does such a good job with making them 3 dimensionally human and making DD somewhat opaue that I just can t seem to warm to DD And truthfully in these last two book DD didn t do much to solve her own cases the other characters just handed in these last two book DD didn t do much to solve her own cases the other characters just handed resolution to herBut I plan to try out the next book despite DD I am enjoying Gardner s writing I ve gotten away from reading series in recent Rabiosa years Mostly because I found myself waiting too long for the next book and eventually lost interest The good news is that now there are so many complete series for me to choose from I m really enjoying the DD Warren series and so far this one has been my favorite The premise was uniue and the pacing was perfect Of course I love DD With her bottomless pit of a stomach and tough exterior I m looking forward to reading them all Oh Danny girl My pretty pretty Danny girl What a haunting melody this proves to be I listened to Live to Tell Lisa Gardner s fourth DD Warren police procedural during a seven and a half hour round trip and got than halfway through the audio version before switching to the print version upon returning home Danielle Burton is a 34ear old pediatric psychiatric nurse who is tormented by the memory of her father singing her name the night he shot and killed her mother and siblings then turned the gun on himself Danielle is the sole survivor Every ear as the anniversary of the tragedy approaches Danielle frantically does everything in her power to Detective DD Warren is called to the scene of a mass murder At first glance it looks like a father has killed his three children and wife before taking his own life As DD and her crew look into possible motives they discover another fami. Aar geleden haar leven verwoestte Wanneer DD Warren de psychiatrische inrichting bezoekt beseft Danielle dat haar nachtmerrie opnieuw is begonnen Want zij vraagt zich nog steeds af waarom heeft haar vader háár leven gespaard. ,

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A soft centre and this book is where me meet that softer side That probably actually does help offset the dark storyline one that was highly researched I might add as we see a very dark side in the disturbing world of very damaged and mentally ill children I appreciated the author s note in acknowledgement of her good friends that experienced first hand this hard road As parents went she and her husband were caring resourceful and involved And they still thought they were losing the war to save their child They shared their story in hopes of garnering understanding for mentally ill children and their often overwhelmed caretakers I love this author s books and also her personal way of sending off each STORY WITH REFLECTION ONE THING THIS with reflection One thing this story did show me however as an aside is that This was a pretty horrific case an entire family is murdered Pretty cut and dry at first but of course things are never as they appear in a Lisa Gardner mystery This is where the Alex and DD meet up for the first time an immediate attraction brewing DD is smitten once she finds out Alex can cook Good Italian food and wine is a sure way to DD s heart The audio version as a re read was fantastic I just love all the twist and turns of this story Danielle lives to tell her story Ok so DD did not annoy me as much as she did in the previous book The Neighbor but she still somehow manages to remain my least favorite character in her own series At least this time she doesn t focus on one suspect and try to make that person the killer no matter what However she still doesn t strike me as the sharpest knife in the drawer Her techniue for finding a killer seems to be That guy did it No wait she did it I had to shake my head at the fact that she seemed convinced early on that on person old killed his entire family despite the fact that the evidence clearly ruled that person out on sheer physical merits I really liked Danielle the primary narrator of this book She is a nurse in a pediatric psych ward where through the novel we get to hear stories about children with behavorial disorders some of which do make the children incredibly violent I was also very affected by the narration of Victoria a mother of one of the kids It was just sad But just like in the previous book I was very satisfied with how the story wrapped and the fate of these charactersI really really dislike reading stories that deal in children in jeopardykidnappings molestation etc So far with this series it is two for two with this kind of storiy I do like how Gardner is able to create a compelling story and some really sympathetic characters with some great depth But if the stories continue to fo. Ker er is meer aan de hand Danielle Burton is een toegewijde verpleegster die hulp biedt aan gewelddadige kinderen op een gesloten psychiatrische afdeling Ze wordt achtervolgd door een familietragedie die bijna vijfentwintig Detective Sergeant D D Warren is called in to the type crime scene all law enforcement agents dreadthe murder of children An entire family was brutally killed and there aren t any clues leading to why other than the father being suspected of attempted murder suicide When another similar mu Great book Its my first in the series and I guess I picked good one The story opens with Danielle Burton having a flashback to when she was nine ears old and her father killed her mother sister and brother before turning the gun on himself in front of her Now as the twenty fifth anniversary Of That Horrific Event Approaches Danielle Is 34 Year that horrific event approaches Danielle is a 34 ear pediatric nurse and her life is about to be thrown into turmoil Danielle has always had an especially difficult time around this time but now two different families have been murdered Both families had a child who had been treated at the psych ward where Danielle worksVictoria Oliver is a devoted mother to Evan who suffers from a severe mental condition Her husband took their daughter and left leaving Victoria to struggle alone trying to raise Evan as normally as possible and not have him institutionalizedThe two families who were killed could not be different The first family was from a working class neighborhood Both parents were hard working and attended church regularly They were loving and devoted parents The second family was from a poor neighborhood and the father was a known drug dealer Early on Detective Sergeant DD Warren knows that there is a connection DD just has to figure out what that connection isThe body count rises when one of the child patients in the psych ward dies under mysterious circumstances DD and her team zero in on the staff in the locked down pediatric psych ward The story touches on some dark themes In addition to the mass killings of entire families there is the underlying theme of children with severe mental health problems that reuire admittance to an acute care facility because their parents can no longer handle their care Two of the notable cases in this story are Lucy a nine ear old feral girl who self mutilates when any attention is given to her and Evan an eight ear old boy who during fits threatens to kill his mother Whoo hoo I finally got to learn about the elusive Detective DD Warren or DD As She Is Known she is known started this series at number 3 and tracked back to read in order The books in this series by Lisa Gardner are an awesome set but funnily enough so far in this series I feel DD does take the back seat But she showed herself here and I really enjoy her character She s a highly committed Detective Sergeant a hard boss a hard woman who really does have. Op een warme zomernacht wordt in een arbeidersbuurt van Boston een gezin vermoord Een meisje overleeft het drama De vader en mogelijke verdachte vecht voor zijn leven op de intensive care Rechercheur DD Warren weet een ding ze. ,

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