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Sometimes it is considered unfair cliche or overdone to compare the offspring to the parental unit but this is my review nd I feel like it so that s what I m gonna doFour Novellas Filthy Rich Boys (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, all of them pretty decent I enjoyed the way they played out but I think there is one thing that could either be very positive Granvilles New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing for Maximum Profit aspect or very negative Artificial Evolution (Big Sigma, aspect depending on your preference view spoilerAt least two of the stories basically end with the story incomplete leaving the follow up events to the readers imagination hide spoiler Joe Hill gives us four intelligent short stories of varied length that unsettle disturbnd horrify However none is less than riveting reading provoke thought On Moral Courage and entertain In Snapshot young boy faces his nightmares the menace of dementia Nanny by Chance and the challenge that is the tattooed Phoenician thug with Mastering the Art of Self-Sufficiency in New Zealand a polaroid camera camera which snaps nd erases memories Loaded is story with the capacity to emotionally tear you John, Paul Me-Before the Beatles apart Its focus is gunsnd gun violence s it explores the scenarios that lie behind the use of guns by cops A reporter suspects ll is not Ion Adventure in the Heartland, Volume 1 as it should be in mall shooting Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders and itspparent hero Aloft moves us into supernatural territory Hedge Fund - tome 4 - L'hritire aux vingt milliards as Aubrey Griffin s fear of parachuting has to be surmounteds circumstances change drastically He finds himself landing on Here Comes The Sissy Bride (My Sissy Husband Confesses, a weird cloud in the sky Rain is shift to Places of Performance a dystopian postpocalyptic time with The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over a terrifyingnd killer rain that penetrates skin მოგონებები შეფიცულთა რაზმზე and has devastating effects Honeysuckle Speck undertakes horrifying road trip from Boulder to Denver A collection of odd stories that grip The Heart of Business and capture the imagination Many thanks to Orion forn ARC Thank you so much to my local bookstore for giving me Treasures of Darkness an Advanced Reading Copy of this book forn honest reviewNO SPOILER REVIEWThis book is comprised of 4 shortsnovellas whateverSnapshot 5 StarsLoaded 4 StarsAloft 5 StarsRain 5 StarsI think Joe Hill can write his Winning Sports Betting Strategies with Betaminic Big Data Tools for Football Betting Systems: A step-by-step guide to using the Betamin Builder Data Analysis ... soccer betting systems (English Edition) ass off These short stories were brilliant Not lot of people give credit where credit is due concerning shortsnovellas They re freakin HARD Everything the Menopause and the Mind author wants to do with the story the setting the characters has to be done inn efficient concise manner there Software (The Body Electric Book 4) aren tny words wasted everything countsNot Internet Marketing Essentials all stories have to be novel length some stories want to be told uicklynd urgentlyI think it s good for everyone to go into these stories blind so I m not going to go into details Internet Marketing Revealed atll on the plots of each one I ll just say that the last two stories were my favorite I loved the main character Aubrey in Aloft so much He felt like someone I would know Email Advertising Crash Course and be friends with there were some moments that made me laugh out loud too Which is great because I saw Joe Hill on The Fireman Tournd the man is hilarious so I love when that sense of humor comes out in his writingAnd the last story Rain was scary We ve seen Curse of the Black Widow all the natural disasters we could ever see except this one Loaded had this one scene in that made me happy because for the longest time I thought Joe Hill was going to takefter his father Sećanja and just plain suckt sex scenes but I think there s hope for Hill yetLastly our front runner out of the gate Snapshot the first story with some great feels Punches you in the gut A Guide to A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah a littleI loved it Great protagonist tooAnyhoodlesNot going to say too much because this is way in Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies advance review Everyone needs to buy this Joe Hill fans will LOVE IT I feel terrible that I didn t postny updates while I was reading this one but I was so sucked in that I kept forgetting to share my thoughts here Natural Stone in the Built Environment as I went The only reason this wasn t 5 star read for me was due to the fact that the first story SNAPSHOT underwhelmed me uite Internet Marketing for Smart People a bit It didn t seem to fit with the other three but that could just be case of personal taste Spanked in her Messy Diaper (An ABDL Tale) and opinion Other than that these stories contained slow building sense of dread Tales From Underwood and disturbance that felt grittynd unsettling of course this is what we look for in After the Kiss (Sex, Love Stiletto, a Joe Hill production so that was welcomednd expected While I enjoyed Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning all three remaining stories I felt LOADED disturbed me the greatests it hit home with Digital Marketing In A Week all the mass shootings we ve seen in recent times That said I do believe my favorite story based purely on enjoyment was RAIN I m not sure what the finalrrangement of Le commerce des fourrures en occident a la fin du moyen-age (2 vol) all four stories will be in the finished copies but with the way theyre set now it seemed that they started mildly Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing and grew slowly in suspensend unsettling nature until we reach the end I really liked how that felt Authority Affiliate Marketing and hope the publisher decides to keep everythings is Final verdict Joe Hill has done it Using Twitter For Business (Stuff Made Simple Book 4) againnd I highly recommend this to folks who enjoy Anatomy of the Orchestra a little extra thinking with their disturbing content This is intellectual horrort its best YAAASSSS Thanks Goodreads Giveaways for this one 25 rounded up to 3Strange Weather by Joe Hill isn t uite The Disappointment That The Fireman disappointment that The Fireman but it s still nowhere near How to make Money with Porn as goods I d hoped it would be I find it difficult to understand how man who tried so hard to hide the fact that he was Stephen King s son so that he could earn his own success would then turn round nd try so hard to emulate his father s career fter the cat was out of the bag Because like THE FIREMAN before it this collection of novellas has Stephen King written ll over it Three of the four novellas might s well have been King short stories lengthened well past their expiration date But enough of how Joe Hill has drifted into cruise control on his way over Inheritance Highway nd onto the reviewsSNAPSHOT This first novella overstays its welcome by bout thirty pages The first half of the story is okay Boring nd predictable sure but it s t least readable The second half is well sports fans I don t know what the fuck it is It was hard to stay wake while reading those last thirty pages that s for sure Hill gets lost in sentimentality nd forgets to entertain us We re left with bloated Stephen King short story on par with Chattery Teeth nd The Monkey Imagine those stories but t twice the length nd you re left with the swollen colon that is SNAPSHOT story that serves no other purpose but to suppose n everyday item has supernatural powers Great for tale of twenty or thirty pages but not ninety The supernatural powers ren t ll that surprising nor is the ending but the main issue is that the idea simply does not Excuse The Length One StarLOADED the length One starLOADED wanted to read bout someone who s nti gun debate themselves for 140 pages Yeah me neither I think we need gun reform I feel that gun violence has gotten well nd truly out of control There is I feel no need for utomatic weapons whatsoever If you cannot defend your home with handgun or shotgun because your im is bad nd you believe being ble to shoot faster makes you safer you shouldn t own gun to begin with I myself own gun because I m in n interracial relationship my kids two children re mixed nd we live in the rebel flag fetish that is the American South nd our lives have been threatened than once by hillbilly mmosexuals like the ones in this book That being said I don t want someone preaching to my choir for what mounts to bout 40000 words Beyond the rhetoric *and politics there s issues with the very foundation of the story The plausibility of the camera problem in this * politics there s issues with the very foundation of the story The plausibility of the camera problem in this is just plain dumb The coincidence bothers me Had the recording been destroyed on purpose cool beans But for ll this to be left to fate I gotta call bullshit Everything comes out in the wash nd is explained but not to my liking The ending of the story however took n Easter basket sized sack of testicles to write so I pplaud Hill for that Other than that this novella is simply okay Three stars mostly for the endingALOFT Now THIS is what I m talking bout ALOFT is what the fuck I signed up for when I became Joe Hill fan Not his insistence on emulating his father nd recreating his legacy Not the stripped down flavorless writing Not his politics I signed up for this man s gorgeous fucking imagination the same imagination that gave us stories like Pop Art nd You Will Hear the Locust Sing even though the latter is nothing than modern retelling of Kafka s THE METAMORPHOSIS nd novels like Horns nd NOS4A2 or NOS4R2 for those of you in the UK Joe Hill has n even better imagination than his old man At the very least his imagination is fun than King s King has written some doozies in his time but he s never written nything like ALOFT I don t even want to talk bout what this story is bout Just know that I loved every word sentence paragraph page nd chapter of this novella More of this please nd thank you Five starsAnd finallysighRAIN Why didn t nyone tell me this was joke The experience of this novella would have been much better had I known this was Joe Hill making fun of himself But no it s not until you read the fterword that Hill explains that RAIN is his ttempt t parodying himself Who the fuck told him this was good idea I ve written some bad books nd terrible short stories I ve even ripped them part publicly but I d never write n entire novella making fun of myself The problem here is that A collection of four chilling novels ingeniously wrought gems of terror from the brilliantly imaginative #1 New York Times bestselling uthor of The Fireman Joe Hill“Snapshot” is the disturbing story of Silicon Valley dolescent who finds himself threatened by “The Phoenician” tattooed thug who possesses Polaroid Instant Camera that erases memories snap by snapA young man takes to the skies to experience. Took the story seriously because I imagined that s what it was serious fiction bout the end of the world Parts of this final novella have big heart but then the last few chapters come long nd turn n nti Trump campaign bout crystal nails falling from the sky into fucking SNL sketch What The ctual Fuck Ya wanna know what I think I think Hill didn t know how to end this book so he penciled the goofiest shit he could think of nd then wrote in the fterword that it was ll for shits nd giggles He couldn t think of n ending so we re left with n uthor mocking himself for writing THE FIREMAN What n sshole This closing novella might just put me off Joe Hill for while Two starsIn summation I m going to stop buying the ebook versions of his stuff I ve been buying hardcover udiobook ebook nd the eventual paperback of everything Hill s written like I do with King but no After the shit parade that was THE FIREMAN nd now the gem speckled garbage float that is STRANGE WEATHER I m done over supporting this dude Hill hasn t earned the respect I have for his father so he s going on restriction until he does better I m still rooting for you man but I need you to do better please lol like he gives fuck what I sayFinal Judgment Like you re on cloud nine but the floor is lava Four short novels with n interesting fterward ll re good nd none re especially like ny of the othersSnapshot reminds me lot of his dad s stories but different enough I thought it could have ended without the Evil Corp ttachment Loaded is only horror because His Internal Excellency the mbassador of Hell from Perdido Street Station is in the wings I kept picking up his faint but n udible echo of soul being tortured The JPFO should like the ending Aloft is the most tightly wrapped of the four My son said that it s like those two Cthulhu books that we both read recently Lovecraft Country nd The Ballad of Black Tom so Lovecraftian I think Aubrey bonked his head pretty hard coming out of the planeRain is my favorite because I liked no nonsense Honeysuckle nd it made me laughI enjoyed the fterward It has some thoughtful reflections on writing s well s the usual thank yous It s is the first book by Joe Hill that I read I plan to read by this uthor Simple explanations have the disappointing tendency to be the best explanations Only the rational counterargument was pile of shit nd I knew it I just didn t want to know it Joe Hill has taken break between epic horror novels to put together collection of four novellas under the title Strange Weather The title seems n fterthought frankly Only one of the stories ctually incorporates weather that is certifiably strange But no matter Don t go looking for story one to relate to story two to story three to story four There re some links but they re minimal Read each tale on its own The stories were written here nd there between this nd that over several years Joe Hill from his site Maturity is not something that happens ll t once It is not border between two countries where once you cross the invisible line you re on the new soul of dulthood speaking the foreign tongue of grown ups It is like distant broadcast nd you re driving toward it nd sometimes you can barely make it out through the hiss of static while other times the reception momentarily clears nd you can pick up the signal with perfect clarity Snapshot focuses on loss of memory but not in the usual way A thuggish gent The Phoenician stalks town uses Polaroid like camera to extract recollections An eleven year old boy is charged with taking him on which will feel familiar to those of you who have read NOS4A2 good soul everykid being confronted with dult challenges It is chilling story tucking bildungsroman into nightmare experience while taking on the very real horror of dementia If we re our memories then what re we when those memories re gone Loaded is the oldest story in the book I ve had that one in my head ever since the massacre of twenty children in Newtown Connecticut from the Afterword Loaded takes on the very real life horror of gun violence nd death by cop even death by mall cop focusing on the bad things that can happen when one mixes fear paranoia bigotry nd greed with ready ccess to ordnance Randall Kelloway is mall guard wannabe cop who keeps getting rejected from the police force for the very good reason that he is psychologically unfit He is lso in deep poo in his home life having earned n Order of Protection for dangerous behavior with his ex nd child He is inordinately fond of guns nd imagines himself using them to heroic purpose When violent situation unfolds t the mall guns blaze When Randy emerges from the smoke he is seen s the white knight he lways imagined *Himself To Be Aisha Is A Reporter * to be Aisha is reporter smoke he is seen s the white knight he lways imagined himself to be Aisha is reporter suspects that the mall shooting may not himself to be Aisha is reporter who suspects that the mall shooting may not gone down uite the way Randall said nd digs relentlessly to find out the truth Hill uses n encroaching brush fire common in the real Florida in which this is set to dd to the constant ramp up of tension Although it can feel didactic t times Loaded may be the most effective horror story of the collection s it is the one we re likeliest to encounter in real life Hill relies on flawed corrupted humanity instead of the supernatural to jangle your nerves nd succeeds in hitting his target You knew what was real not by its ualities but by its imperfections Aloft is the most Twilight Zone like of the collection Aubrey Griffin is trying to impress young lady band mate Harriet Their friend June had passed recently nd they with others re honoring June by doing things on her bucket list Sadly Aubrey is scared out of his wits by the impending parachute jump nd is bout to bail But the plane loses power mysteriously Probably something to do with the UFO like cloud formation they had spotted short time earlier Aubrey has to bail for real But before his chute can open he makes relatively soft landing on something that is not exactly solid ground This is not your typical UFO being mile or so long having malleable surface nd the very non UFO like capacity to make one s wishes real Which is where we get into the content portion of our program What if you could have whatever you wanted physically Of course there is that pesky element of core beneath the surface nd coming to grips with what one wants nd what one can nd cannot have A thoughtful piece lthough not particularly scary At the end there is mention of New Hampshire where Hill lives making one wonder how much of Joe was in Aubrey I think Rain rose from desire to spoof myself nd my own sprawling end of the world novel The Fireman I m big believer in making fun of yourself before nyone else can Rain is shorter example of the sort of post pocalyptic sci fi romp Hill has done so well in the longer form But the rain that falls is hard nd it s hard it s hard it s hard nd it s hard rain indeed No suishy oobleck for Hill nosiree His rain rrives in crystalline needles ones that penetrate instead of melting Twenty something Honeysuckle Speck regularly babysits for nine year old Templeton Blake kid with some medical issues He likes to call himself Little Dracula nd Honeysuckle loves him Good thing he is mostly t home kid s vast numbers of those caught outside when the first hard rain rrives fail to make it back inside The story follows Honeysuckle s she tries to get from Boulder to Denver to get news to the father of dear friend enduring some of the horrors one might expect in road trip story nd some you might notThere re characters to engage with in every tale The pre teen in Snapshot is classic HillKing kid who must test his mettle gainst the hostilely weird Readers who have not lways been members of the ins ll their lives will relate Aisha gives us someone worth rooting for in Loaded Aubrey in Aloft offers pretty relatable example of unreuited ttraction nd Honeysuckle in Rain checks ll the boxes for post pocalyptic heroine without the Disney songs If you re looking for the sort of large scale epic horror story that Hill has produced with The Fireman nd NOS4A2 you will be disappointed If however you go into Strange Weather expecting material like his short story work s in 20th Century Ghosts you should be pleased Hill will take you from Ice 9 to Cloud 9 from fear to wonder giving you some good nightmare material nd few sparks to spur bit of introspection The forecast is for good reading head Review posted August 4 2017Publication hardcover October 24 2017 trade paperback June 26 2018EXTRA STUFFLinks to the uthor s personal Instagram nd Tumblr pagesOther Joe Hill books I have reviewed The Fireman NOS4A2 20th Century Ghosts Heart Shaped BoxA fun video interview of Hill by fellow horror writer Paul Tremblay t LiveSigningcom Strange Weather is the book I most nticipated this year nd I m happy to report that it lived up to my high expectations It consists of four short novels Joe Hill dislikes the term novella nd I enjoyed them ll Snapshot is. His first parachute jump nd winds up castaway on n impossibly solid cloud Prospero’s island of roiling vapor that seems nimated by mind of its own in “Aloft”On seemingly ordinary day in Boulder Colorado the clouds open up in downpour of nails splinters of bright crystal that shred the skin of nyone not safely under cover “Rain” explores this escalating pocalyptic event s the deluge of nails. A story bout memory nd camera that steals them Set in the 80 s with teenage boy s the protagonist this story packed some powerful imagery long with bit of nos I ve read lmost every piece of work that Joe Hill has graced the world of literature with nd I ve loved ll of them but this was exceptionally brilliant Rather than dwell on monsters nd ghosts the most terrifying spect of Strange Weather was simply the horror of the human psyche nd how far people will go to inflict pain upon others I ll be breaking this up by story s I typically do with novella reviews I ve combined the content warnings nd will dd them ll t the end of the review for efficiency s sake I m placing these in order of how they re positioned in the ARC but the final copy may differ SNAPSHOT The idea that these days had been taken from her struck me s vile It was swallow of curdled milk It was indecent Snapshot the first of four novellas tells man s boyhood memories of the strange man with the polaroid nd the bizarre things that each photo took long with it I found this to be my least favorite story in the book though it was still wfully horrifying to think of camera that could take way than just photo I found myself undeniably on edge from start to finish nd found it to be n unsettling uniue entrance to the collection LOADED All it took to turn CD into knife or tape gun into 45 was little imagination little panic nd lot of prejudice I have no words for how stunned I was when I realized what blatantly political direction Joe was taking this story in Loaded is perspective changing story that follows in the wake of mass shootings nd tells of police brutality racism gun fanaticism nd hate The villains in this story re so over the top that you find yourself desperately wanting not to believe in them despite the fact that s citizen of the southern states I can certainly ssure you that I have heard many of these rguments from cuaintances in my own life Note I m not interjecting politics into this nd will leave my thoughts on gun ownership out of this but we ve ll met t least one person who took things too far nd that s what s happening in this story Loaded bsolutely destroyed me I have never in my life cried through horror story yet I could hardly regain composure in one moment before the next event had me sobbing gain The hatred in the villain s heart left me hollow This was the most horrifying story I have ever read yet not moment of it felt like fiction particularly in the wake of the shootings we ve seen over the last few years ALOFT Everything gets very surreal when you re falling from twelve thousand feet First of ll if you have fear of heights this story may not be one you want to take lightly I don t even have crophobia nd I still found my stomach turning t many of this story s descriptive moments When Aubrey s skydiving experience goes wrong he finds himself in very interesting set of circumstances nd well I ll let you go into this one blind but trust me you re in for really uniue nd bizarre ride RAIN When the rain fell most everyone was caught outside in it You wonder maybe why so many people died in that initial downpour In Rain we watch the beginning of n pocalypse through the eyes of young woman named Honeysuckle As rain of crystalline needles kills Honeysuckle s girlfriend nd nearly ll of her neighbors she sets off on journey to inform her father in law of his daughter s passing only to be hunted by members of local religious cult As she tries to navigate the empty streets of Denver nd void being slashed to bits by the next storm she finds herself in spiral of terrorism conspiraciesLike Loaded this story hit way too close to home for comfort though not on nearly s intense of level Joe let his politics shine through once with few catty remarks bout president who s little too twitter happy nd I found myself laughing despite the nature of the tale Of course you re never left smiling for long when it comes to Joe Hill book but I found this to be fantastic rounding out of the collectionAll in ll Strange Weather veraged out to 475 rating which I obviously will happily round up to 5 stars for my favorite horror uthor Now I m only sad that I have to wait for his next releaseContent warnings fat phobia bleism homophobia racism police brutality gun fanaticism sexism spousal buse child death extreme violence religious fanaticismoccultism All uotes re taken from n ARC nd may have been changed for the final publication Thank you so much to HarperCollins for providing me with this ARC in exchange for my honest reviewYou can find this review nd on my blog Y ll had better get ready this was Amazing And I M and I m to word vomit my thoughts ll the place Joe Hill seriously has deal with the devil because he can do no wrongFour beautiful nd haunting novellas each dealing in their own way with strange weather rain of crystal needles flashes of lightning that re missing their thunder suspiciously shaped clouds nd raging fire tornadoes Each story stands lone beautifully but together they make great collection Let s take this story by story shall we Snapshot 45 She gripped my wrist Her body was still stout nd big bosomed but her hand was s bony nd clawlike s fairy tale crone s Don t let him take picture of you Don t let him start taking things way This is probably the only thing I ve read by Hill that gave me strong Stephen King vibes A young boy with n ffinity for tinkering ccidentally crosses menacing stranger with Polaroid Solarid camera that does little than take pictures I really didn t find the Phoenician that scary but the camera was very cool concept Shelly s plight was sad nd beautifully toldIt does go on little long though The story felt like it wanted to end then kept going for nother 15 or 20 pages Which is probably nother reason I was getting King vibes Loaded 455 Everyone knew the drill had seen it ll on TV Get down be ready to run if the shooter comes in sight A perfect storm of PTSD revenge racism nd violence leads to shooting t mall A security guard becomes hero in the ftermath but reporter Aisha Lanternglass knows something is off Both of their pasts heavily influenced by gun violence their stories intersect nd unravel in horrific fashionThis one hit me hard I have personally cowered in classroom during lockdown trying desperately to call my mother while SWAT team members dressed in black swarmed the sidewalks outside Thankfully no one was killed that day but I remember every detail clear s day It was terrifying nd surreal nd this story brought back some uncomfortable memoriesIt was captivating story for sure And that ending It pissed me off SO much but the good kind of pissed off It s provocative nd challenging nd will stick with you Aloft 55 Fear thickens time turns it slow nd viscous One second of deeply felt terror lasts longer than ten regular seconds Aloft is probably my favorite of the four To honor friend s memory Aubrey nd several friends go skydiving Despite his fear of heights Aubrey is determined to tough it out He doesn t want to look weak in front of his longstanding crush Harriet But when he nd his jump instructor leap from the plane they never hit the groundSuddenly Aubrey is stranded on cloud that isn t cloud He has no food or water but whatever else he might need the cloud provides Other than letting him go that is And there s something the cloud doesn t want him to knowIt s imaginative odd nd introspective We get to go deep in Aubrey s head much like the cloud does It s fascinating story And the ending was perfect Joe Hill does great endings Rain 45 Climate change my ss This isn t climate change Well I don t know what else you d call it It used to rain water Now it s raining blades of silver nd gold That is change of climate Teasdale rubbed thumb gainst his chin then said Ghosts is next You think it s going to rain ghosts I think we ll have ghosts instead of fog This is n pocalyptic story featuring rain of crystal nails synthetically engineered fulgurite to be exact Honeysuckle looses her girlfriend in the first violent shower of needles nd everything keeps falling part from thereIt s maybe the most traditional horror in the collection World falling part bodies everywhere dead lover utter chaos nothing that hasn t been done before but it s done well And man there was heck of twist that I didn t see comingSo Strange Weather knocks it out of the park with four great novellas Joe Hill has yet to disappoint *me Like HOW DOES HE WRITE SO GOODEvery bit of this was delight to read nd I *Like HOW DOES HE WRITE SO GOODEvery bit of this was delight to read nd I thrilled to say that one of my most nticipated reads of 2017 did not disappoint PRE REVIEWIt s fall nd new Joe Hill novellas re here nd I m reading them NEW JOE HILL NOVELLAS ALL FOR ME Happy Halloween Get excited y ll There s new collection of Joe Hill novellas coming out this fall REPEAT NEW JOE HILL This is not drill I m ready And excited Did I mention excited. Spreads out cross the country nd round the worldIn “Loaded” mall security guard in coastal Florida town courageously stops mass shooting nd becomes hero to the modern gun rights movement But under the glare of the spotlights his story begins to unravel taking his sanity with it When n out of control summer blaze pproaches the town he will reach for the gun gain nd embark on one last day of reckonin. ,

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