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[ [ONLINE] The 3G Way ] Author Francisco S. Homem De Mello –

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That samizdat is in dire need of proper editing Countless white pages typos and double spacing distract from the otherwise interesting story Amazing read Francisco summarized the 3G management philosophy in plain simple terms as it should be Don t listen to the haters it takes amazing effort to write short and sweet as this is Innovations that add value are useful but copying practices that already work is usually easier Profits are what attracts investors people and opportunities and eep the wheel spinning Focus is of the essence It s impossible to be excellent in everything so concentrate on the few things that really matter common sense is as good as matter Common sense is as good as concepts Simple is better than complicated Trickery and cheating can rot the company from the inside Ethics pay off in the long run If you want to dive deeper on the management style of the 3G guys instead of just hearing random stories about them such as in the Dream BigSonho Grande book The 3G Way should be among your best choices to start especially in terms of effectiveness read content per page The book is less than 200 pages long with double spacing between lines and can be read in an hour and a half For various reasons I Best Book, The 3G Way By Francisco S. Homem De Mello This is.

The 3G WayUlture that crops post cost cutting and not actually paying high performers as Per Commitment Can Be commitment can be as very normal in such setups I have personally felt that such culture of internal competition leads to blame games and not sp good working atmosphere when all teams are not realising that they are one aiming to reach at same goal differently Hence this books is only thworetical good however challenges are not Highlighted And Addressed In Right Manner Great Piece This Small and addressed in right manner Great piece This small captures a lot of the mindset of the biggest brazilian management case study If manner Great piece This small gem captures a lot of the mindset of the biggest brazilian management case study If like it check out sonho grande as well Interesting though basicI nave read the book with interest and it serves as a good introduction to the 3G management methodHowever I found the book to be poorly researched and very superficial The author s introduction to the book seems aptly apologetic in this regard as he unashamedly admit to have aimed for completion rather than perfection and he definitely aimed his aim If you need a simple and fast way to understand the most important traits of 3G culture and management style read this book Good to complement with Dream Big the book that tells the history of the three partners of 3G. Ed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book.. .
As already well acuainted with the theme and can easily say that the author managed to deliver all that was important in a very organized manner It s not for no reason that Jorge Paulo Lemann himself has been handling copies of this to friendsThe negative side is that as an amateur project the book has a lot of avoidable blunders such as typos English mistakes the author is Brazilian paragraphs that are repeated in subseuent pages charts that are still in Portuguese among others I might have forgottenStill this "doesn t detract from the nice job the author has done and " t detract from the nice job the author has done and shouldn t leave this unread because of it too BrilliantLoved that this book WAS SHORT AND SWEET WITH ALL short and sweet with all information reuired Every words had meaning and the fluffing was non existent GreatEasy to read and full of good advice from the famous trio and Falconi Recommended for those who want to implement a results driven culture i have personally worked in 3G culture and hence wanted to understand whether this book states and shares similar insides however found it very different from reality Undoubtedly there are many great business management idead and methodologies which again are not alien to 3G world however the Very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amaz. .