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Ing out story Kelly has been not so secretly in love with Blue for a long long time Kelly knows that Blue is straight as an arrow and he knows he has zero chances but that oesn t stop him from pining for his best friendand yes I السودان المأزق التاريخي و آفاق المستقبل - المجلد الثاني do mean pining Onerunken night changes everything for these two close friends thoughNow I normally have no problems with GFY stories I love them I am especially a big fan of the straight guy figuring out all the pleasures of gay loving PWhat I am not a fan of though is the straight guy stringing along his best friend who is madly in love with him and using him in secret just to get his rocks off I have a plan Kel and this is nowhere in that plan Eventually I want to get married Have kids You know how important family is to meI was angry with Blue and I was hoping he would make up for his behaviourand in the end he The Pavement Arena didbut it was too late for meNowon t get me wrong There were Dungeon definitely parts I really enjoyed in this book It s also extremely funny so I really laughed my ass off I was just soissapointed with Blue s behavior It was very hard to get passed that The ending feels like a HFN not a HEA My reviews are posted on DirtyBooksObsession Its Pride Month So funny storyI was looking for a sport romance and Audible recommended this book to me I liked the cover and started listening without reading the blurb The book started with a girl named Kelly and although the narrator was a man I Rabiosa didn t suspect anything because there are lots of books using one narrator Kelly is a woman full of tattoos and piercings who isating an arrogant man who wears suits and constantly tries to change her attire as if he s ashamed of her And still I Sculpting Making a Toddler Doll didn t suspect anything He getsown on one knee in a sports game in front of the fans players and viewers at home and to not embarrass him Kelly says yes but on the way home she tells him she is not interested in marring him He obviously gets upset because all their friend are waiting to celebrate their engagement after watching the proposal on TV and then he accuses her of being in love with her best friend Blue the famous football playerAnd still I Soldados del Multiverso: Guerreros del pasado (Guerras del Multiverso n 2) didn t suspect a thing Then Kelly admits to herself she has always been in love with Blue that they were always close and she had to hide her feelings for him because he wasn t attracted to her that he was always there for her ever since they were kids even after she came out of the closet That was the point I started to suspectBecause only thenid I realize this book is MM and Kelly was actuallyA GUYFuck my life So even though it was a surprise I never saw coming I kept listening and while there were clich On Disgust dramas Iidn t like in the second half of the book and one of the narrators annoyed me all in all it was a cute witty and very funny book especially Kelly s outing story which made me laugh like a loon So if you are in a mood for a fun MM book about a man who s in love with his straight best friend you should try this book NOTE this book is part of a A Dirty Wedding Night: A Dirty Rockstar Romance Collection (Dirty, Book 2.5) duet While itoesn t end with a cliffhanger the story is efinitely not over and although I enjoyed it I probably will not continue to the second book soon I listened to the AUDIO version O O E O I T G I IT Y OG O O E E IE GOO E I was a walkingtalking cliche the gay man secretly pining for his straight best friend Friends to Lovers story with two highly likeable characters with great sexual chemistryEver since I read PS I Spook YouI ve been a fan of this AuthorI love her writing and she always elivers on the witty banterBlue and Kelly have been best friends foreverInseparable in their youth and their strong friendship hasn t wavered over the yearsSurethey love each other but what Blue Faja (Naslouchač, didn t realize was that Kelly has been in love with him for as long as he can rememberBlue is a successful NFL playerIt s his passionhis lifeHe s never really been interested in anything serious and he sefinitely not been attracted to men beforeKelly is a Physics Professor and what can I say apart from the fact that I absolutely ADORED himHe s gloriously geeky and a bit of a hipster type with his piercingstattoos and he s got a whole lot of sassiness going onI Could Have Read About Him ForeverAnd He S Out And have read about him foreverAnd he s out and Blue gets runk one night things get messya bit complicatedsomething neither of them saw comingBlue efinitely finds it Dirty Work difficult to embrace the physical attraction he s feeling towards KellyHe s always been possessive in a friend s only way but this is something completely foreign to himI kind of got BlueIon t think he consciously led Kelly on with the friends with benefits thingI just think he was really conflicted and yesthere was a lot of back and forwards between them until Blue finally acknowledged his feelingsHe Hearts Farthings definitely gave mixed signals to Kelly who tried so hard time after time to abide by the friends only thing but really neither of them stood a chanceThese two had someelicious chemistry going on and I was than happy with the sex scenesnot too long and The Mount Shasta Mission drawn out perfect for the storyRecommended read Review copy The Blueprint gets a THUMBS UP for Best friends to lovers I never get tired of this trope Sexualiscovery 101 Blue knows he s not the straight arrow he appears to be and whom better to ask for a gay trial run than his best friend Banter and banter These two have known Each Other For Eons other for eons it shows in their easy conversations filled with inside jokes and casual snark Opposites attract Blue is a cocky self assured athlete Kelly is not Fun twist on the OFY trope Blue Little Darlings doesn t go allrama llama yeah he s worried about what others will think if he embraces his gay side and he waffles on whether he s bi or not like every other hour but he oesn t get all weird and angsty If anything he s too laidback and takes Kelly for grantedSo It S All Fun And s all fun and until someone gets hurt THUMBS own because Blue is kind of an arse when Kelly admits that the experiment is to him that just sex Blue thinks only about what HE wants His epiphany is triggered by jealousy and a talking to from one of his friends which FINE we all get places on our own terms But I wanted Blue to elve eeper The steam was just so so For a gay virgin and a whole lot of UST the steamy scenes were really tame they weren t fade to black exactly but they were truncated and perfunctory I needed way sexy for the OFY angle to feel real The ending kind of sucked and surprisingly it wasn t Blue s fault It was Kelly s I Your Name Here don t even get where Kelly was coming from in trying to what PROTECT Blue Blueidn t need protecting He s a grownass man with his own Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, damn mind and he strung Kelly along like enough already let the mano his thing before he flip flops yet again I True didn t really trust Blue to stand by hisecision so the ending A Fairly Honourable Defeat didn t feel like much of a HEA SE Harmon justoesn t write good endings correct me if I m wrong but I Fucking Trans Women don t think she s ever written an epilogueThe ending made me really cranky and cranky is not the new black. Ghtens Blue than anythingWhen Kelly admits he’s in love with Blue bonds are tested and Blue has toecide what’s really important He Slavery Reborn doesn’t want to lose the number one person in his life but the cost to keep Kelly close might be than he’s willing to payIt’s a good thing his nickname is the Blueprint it’s time toraft a new set of plans. ,

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The Blueprint45 Stars Something amazing happens in your world when the person you think is crazy special thinks you re kind of special too I You Can Make Anything Sad don t know if it was just good timing or what but I really liked this one And I m kind of mad at myself for waiting so long to read it It pretty much ticked all of my boxesFriends to Lovers checkGFYOFY checkBanter check Sports checkSteam checkPlus relatively low angst I was worried a bit about Blue toying with Kelly But it felt pretty authentic to me the way it all played out given who Blue was and his background and being in the NFL Yeah Blue was an ass about it at times But I really believe his brain just hadn t caught up with his body when it came to Kelly Now with that being said the ending was HFN at best I kind of wanted to thump Kelly for his reaction to Blue So in one way I am glad there will be another book but I alsoon t want a bunch of Life Leverage drama to goown For now I ll be cautiously optimistic RereadSE Harmon Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? does OFY a littleifferentlyBlue is an NFL player on the field and a get himself some player after hours It s not as if it s Alhambra difficult for a famous NFL star to line up some company for the night He takes advantage of the easy opportunities there are no expectations and no sleepovers Kelly is a college physics professor tatted and pierced up but a total nerd by his own admission Openly gay he has zero fucks to give about what people think Except for Blue of course his best friend since grade schoolKelly and Blue have a really close relationship They talk multiple times a week even with Blue travelling for football Oh and Kelly has been in love with Blue since forever tooI want to point out that this bookoes not elicately handle the OFY arc Harmon has a knack for making her characters blunt with biting honesty and sarcasm These MCs so than any of her others It totally worked for me This was fairly anticlimacticMy mother blinked at me That s a good thing isn t itI need a story Ma This is not a good coming out story I raised an eyebrow They re going to take my gay card for this I hope you re happy Kelly knows it s a lost cause with Blue He knows there is no amount of bend to his sexuality So he oesn t shy away from a random Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World date or twoor a uick hookupuring this story And for that matter there is some page time with Blue and his lady friend of the night too not too explicit so The Infinite Air don t worryBlue has some niggles about Kelly sates though He writes it off for a while as just wanting to keep his best friend to himself He The Spill doesn t want to share Kelly s time with peopleAnd then a tipsy Blueecides to get his curiosity onThis is the part of the story that made me a tad uncomfortable Of course Kelly isn t going to say no He s been in love with the man for years and has a chance to touch Blue I can t say I blame him too much But Kelly shares his feelings with Blue and Blue is kind of a Pandoras Planet dick about it He just wants his best friend There s no need to go there or for things to be anyifferent than they ve always been And unltimately I m in the NFL You know how people are That would be making a statement that I ll never be willing to make Shot to the heart But fair enough right Everyone should be able to make that choice for themselves but amn their honesty with each other consisted of repeated punches to the gutI was mad at Blue for satisfying his curiosity with his best friend knowing how Kelly felt about him How can you call yourself a best friendBut make no mistake it ends well I appreciated the way Blue s acceptance of his evolving sexuality played out It wasn t hearts and flowers But for an NFL player I found it to be very realistic All
that internalized homophobia 
internalized homophobia imagine
and flowers But for an NFL player I found it to be very realistic All that internalized homophobia I imagine to be a very real thing for athletes especially the ones with fathers who felt a certain way about the gaysI say that if you want your OFYBi FY to be a How To Win At Casino Gambling delicate evolution with tons of self insight andiscovery using PC terms this isn t the story for you Harmon writes blunt and in your face characters with matching ialogueThe relationship angst was like crack to me Add in best friends to lovers I loved it Recommended I ve already figured out what to lovers I loved it Recommended I ve already figured out what want It s time for you to o the same 4 Confounding StarsI m scratching my head as to why I thoroughly enjoyed this because for me there were many things in this book that shouldn t have worked espite this containing the well loved trope of the classic friends to lovers progression However this features an adamantly heterosexual star athlete whose gay bestie is in love with him and is tossed liberally with female bits and in the closet overtones understandably giving me plenty of reasons to furrow my browSo yes I shook my head about 90% of time while listening to this as Blue tries to reconcile these uasi new feelings towards his bff Once they cross the line Blue s not sure about going all in but he s not satisfied in going back to friendship only either However Kelly isn t about to let him have his cake and eat it too and therein lies the rub Props to Harmon in giving both Kelly and Blue istinct voices completely likeable personalities and a ynamic that obviously clicked It oesn t hurt at all that these two were hot as fire My brain short circuited no less than 8 timesI absolutely believe that the narration by Alexander Cendese and Sean Crisden literally brought Kelly and Blue to life and made them and this story 10 times better They Hello Bravo ! - Activity Book delivered their lines with precision expounding on the sarcasm the snark theoubt the back and forth and the above mentioned seriously too hot to handle chemistry between these two UnfDespite my bafflement this was smart and funny and I immensely liked the push pull between Kelly and Blue all the while fanning myself as I listened to this genius narration I m just happy there s a seuel since this ended somewhat suddenly and I look forward to of this mind boggling goodness Thank you to the authorpublisher for the audio in exchange for a honest review Audio 275 stars I can t believe it but I was An Eye for an Eye disappointed with the performances of two narrators that I normally enjoy Alexander Cendese 35 stars and Sean Crisden 2 starsStory 3 stars I m not a fan of romcoms I have managed to enjoy a few but that has everything too with the author s style of Still Side by Side delivery In the case of this story itidn t work for me The tone was too comedic I Oriori No Uta did chuckle every now and then but mostly I was shaking my head andor rolling my eyes I found it hard to believe the MCs were 29 and 30 They acted like high schoolcollege aged boysBased on the ratings it s me and not the book I will gladly wear aefective reader s pin D RATING 45 STARSThe Blueprint is book one in the Rules of Possession Four Word Film Reviews duet by SE Harmon This is my very first book by this author and I am pretty much bowled over It s witty and fun sexy sweet with not too much angst Not to mention that I fell totally in love with these two This is a MM sports bi awakening romanceKelly Cannon is a twenty nine year old physics professor who is openl. Kelly Cannon is satisfied with his life He has friends a wonderful family and a great job But his love life has reached a new level of pitiful Why Well his heartecided to break all the rules Don’t fall in love with a straight guy And Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes definitelyon’t fall in love with your best friendNFL standout Britton “Blue” Montgomery has pressure comi. ,
Y gay I loved that on the outside Kelly is an argyle sock cardigan sweater wearing neatly Crystal Decoder dressed college professor But underneath he is a tattooed pierced man who is proud of who he is and hides nothing Well there is one thing heoes hide the way he REALLY feels about his best friend since the second grade Blue Britton Blue Montgomery is an NFL tight end for the Aventura Outlaws Blue is thirty years old and has been You Owe Me One dubbed the Blueprint or prototype of a perfect tight end Blue s life has always been about football Without it he has no idea who he is He and Kelly and been best friends since the beginning They are asifferent as night and Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes day Blue s life revolving around sports and Kelly whooesn t like to break a sweat But somehow it has always worked Until it Second Son (Jack Reacher, didn t In the tapestry of our life our threads were so interwoven we have to unravel the whole blanket to pull them apart Blue and Kelly are so close it s like a marriage without the sex Only for some time Blue has noticed things about Kelly a straight man shouldn t And he is oddly possessive of him like when anyone else looks at him or touches him or speaks to him When a little alcohol loosens his inhibitions a little experimenting happens which changes everything Especially when Kelly finally admits that he s in love with Blue has always been in love with him And now it s time for Blue to United States of Americana decide what he really wants Whatid I love about this book Just about everything These two were so perfect for each other I loved the way they were just two halves of a whole My only problem is that when I love characters this much I feel protective of them And I The Thermals of August didn t like that Kelly had to feel pain while keeping his true feelings hidden and finally forcing Blue toecide what he really wanted These two made me smile so much and sigh both out of frustration and when they were happy I can t wait to finish their story in the second part of this Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller duet A Deeper Blue For about this book and so many others come and visit me at Carol s Crazy Bookish WorldhttpswwwfacebookcomgroupsCarol Warning Gushing uotes that may be spoilers Please proceed with cautionI still can t believe how much I LOVED this book This book checked all boxes sometimes it ain t thateep just go with the flow and you will enjoy thisIt was love at first chapter then I The Perfect Child decided to get comfortable and enjoy the ride Best friends to lovers Childhood friends I have loved you for years Butt Virgin Yaaaaasss GeekNerd and Jock Banter Humor Snark Dry Humor every kind of humor BiGFY MC1 Kelly the professor MC2 Blue the NFL playerBlue and Kelly are been friends and have been since they were 12 Kelly is gay and has been in love with Blue for years I was a little embarrassed to even voice the thought I was a walking talking clich the gay man secretly pining for his straight best friend One night when they arerunk Blue Lost Horizon decides to give into the attraction that he has been hiding and asks Kelly to Kiss him I was afraid that the book would goown hill or it will be your typical straight guy kisses gay best friend then freaks out and stops talking for half the book I was wrong IMO it got betterI loved that the two of them talked things out I can see why this book got mixed reviews because of Blue I understood him and True Prosperity did not feel that he was stringing Kelly along he was trying to figure things out I loved how heid not make a big Thing He Loves deal out of it and like me he went with the flow And now I want a best friend like him Blue genuinely loves Kelly he justidn t know he was in love with him They were born to love and fall in love even though their relationship was somehow codependent bordering unhealthy i enjoyed it And while looks were nice and all that s not what made me love him He was sweet under that tough football player EXTERIOR HE STOOD UP FOR ME He stood up for me when my smart mouth got a little too smart and got me in a pickle And when he got Dr. Witchs Animal Hospital drafted to the NFL he could ve gotten a big head and left me in theust He Search Marketing Strategies didn t Instead he paid off my student loans and helped me financially through graduate school No uestions asked And heidn t bat an eyelash when I told him I was gay I No Capital Required didn t even think it crossed his mind to make me feel weird about it I adored Kelly with his tattoos and piercings and he was a geek I loved that he was not aoormat he stood up for himself and was not afraid to call Blue out when he was being a little bit of Programming in Swift douche I loved his sense of humor I was laughing out loud while reading his POV His family was good too I glanced over at the stony face of my ex fianc Robert also known as a suspect in my future murder To be fair he only been my ex for three minutes I kind of just broke up with himHe WordPress Absolute Beginners Guide didn t take it well The chemistry between these two was on fire and bounced off pages after all they have been best friends for yearsThe Sex scenes were hot and funny yes Kelly and Blue cracked jokes while having sex Let me in sweetheart Trying I said with a grunt It s gonna take me a while to get used to this sucker I guarantee you will He chuckled softly almost ruefully I m pretty sure you were made for me Made for you I raised an eyebrow but my sassiness took a hit when he finally eased inside me We both sighed with pleasure I m going to give you a back rub after we re finished You must be tired from hauling that ego around allay He snorted Shut up Kel How The Complete Guide To Associate And Affiliate Programs On The Net Turning Clicks Into Cash do you know you weren t made for me I m older I was around before you were even a thought He stuck out his tongue Deal with it The secondary characters were well written and there was no manufacturedrama Just a story about best friends who have loved each other for years finally figuring their shit out I love SE Harmon s writing and her sense of humor Ever since I read Stay with me I got hooked I am just sad that she has not written many book I read Stay with me I got hooked I am just sad that she has not written many book is one author I would have loved to binge readOverall I loved it hard I can t wait for book 2 and maybe 3 and 4 This book Girls Like Us deserves 5 stars from me Normally Ion t change my rating for a book but I am gonna Affiliate Marketing Then and Now do it this time See when I read and reviewed this book Iidn t know it was gonna be a series and that there was gonna be a second book this changes a few things second book This changes a few things meat least the way I feel about the ending and how things felt a bit rushed So I am upping my rating with half a star The blurb of this one looked all kinds of promising to me I mean Sports Friends to Lovers Opposites Attract and GFY all in one go There were The Invisible Presence definitely parts of this book that I was very pleased withbut I am sad to say that there were also parts I was not too happy withBlue and Kelly have been friends for a very long time Blue is a NFL player and Kelly is a physics professor Pretty awesome frienduothe nerd and the jock Blue is straight and Kelly is gay Kelly is not completely out but he isn t really hiding either It s just his family he still has to tell His coming out to his family was one of the greatest scenes in this book I need a story Ma This is not a good com. Ng at him from all sides From his father who’s only interested in Blue’s football career From his coaches who just want him to play without getting injured again From the fans From his agent And from his mother who has popped up on the radar after leaving his family years before And now his relationship with Kelly is on shaky ground and that fri.