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Libérer Ebook The Fountain Tarot: Illustrated Deck and GuidEbook –

I am in LOVE with this deck Stunning contempory imagery High uality packaging And the booklet is clear and easy to understand and fits perfectly in my hand I know I will spend many hours with these cardsDelivery was super uick too Very impressed Love these cards Powerful and calm masculine but soft Loving connecting with them These cards are absolutely stunning The box is beautiful and embellished and the cards themselves are fascinating There is the added Fountain Card which makes them uniue and a great addition to other traditional "Decks But Follow The "but follow the numbering of the decks "With Strength Being 11 "Strength being 11 Justice being 8 The major cards are titled at the top of the card and the minor cards are at the bottom because the art work is so uniue and beautiful like oracle cards that for each card that it helps to tell your card straight away The guide book is well written with clear and concise ideas for daily practise as well as spreads If you are wary of the traditional cards this would be a beautiful start however or if you are experienced in Tarot these are a great addition I often ask people to choose from my decks for their Ngôi nhà xưa readings so this gives a softer look than Rider Waite etc I adore these cards Theyesonate beautifully with me and am so honoured to own this deck Absolutely LOVE this deck Only got it a couple of days ago and already feel it s going to be one of my favourites The artwork is lovely softly abstract imagery with powerful energy It s very different from traditional Rider Waite and would be ideal for experienced eaders looking for a deck that encourages use of intuitionThe magnetic box is good uality slight fadingmarking of print but somehow fits the style The card uality is fine not very thick but not flimsy easy to shuffle Standard playing ca. Move your creativity and life forward with this gorgeously designed deck The Fountain Tarot draws on tradition but provides a modern voice and distinct approach that highlights our everyday lives as a source of in.

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MinorityI like most of the cards minor ArcanaUpdate I used a "Ruller To Scratch Off "to scratch off leaking higher silver gilding edges at the back side of the deck and then it s easier to shuffle the deckFantastic design but not very good manufacturing uality I own a lot of tarot decks and this one is hands down my favourite It is so beautiful and the imagery eally enhances the meanings of the cards Fantastic product and fast shipping In love with this deck I ve always used traditional Les Carnets de Cerise T3 - Le Dernier des cinq trsors rider Waite deck but there is something about this deck that transmits another layer of depth that feels apt for the period we are in Rider Waite is my main deck and the original which I honour but I find this deck has deepened myelationship with tarot and uncovered archetypal meaning that I didn t see in Return to Doomstar (Doomstar 2) rider Waite I find myself transitioning to this deck as my main deck and something that can support heighten and make thei The cards arrived well and safely packaged The box where the cards are is very nice and sturdy Very nice to the touch and to look at The cards are easy to take out due to a Language - A Student Handbook on Key Topics and Theories ribbon inside the box which you lift to lift the cards outThe cards themselves are considerable smaller than the ones I already own Spolia tarot so they are comfortable to hold in your hand Some cards do stick together but they are easy to separate The uality of the print and the cards themselves iseally good I was very sceptical about buying tarot cards from but they didn t disappoint The silver sides on the cards leave some glitters on your hands for the few first times when you shuffle them but nothing The cards are comfortable to useThe guide which goes with the tarot cards is very good It is clear and concise and has keywords for both upright position of a card and the Blind Sided reverse Nice touc. Ies Whether you're selecting a card to set the tone for your day invigorate your creative energy or inspire you before your meditation or yoga practice The Fountain Tarot helps open closed doors andeveal new pat. The Fountain Tarot: Illustrated Deck and GuidebookRd size I ve had no problem with silver coming off sides The instruction book gives interesting interpretations and various spreadsAll in all a uniue deck that I will happily use for Tarot Coaching clients as well as Card Readings Bought this deck on the back of some favorable eviews but as a seasoned Tarot user with many decks this deck is disappointing The artwork is badly printed no vibrancy in the colors looks wishy washy The Death card as an example is so bland you
Can Hardly See Any 
hardly see any whilst other minor arcana cards do not even eflect the original meaning of the card so if you are a beginner stay away The only positive is the box it comes in the silver lining on the cards and the small booklet otherwise waste of money I thought the cards were beautiful and intuitiveThe pack arrived without the Ten of Swords However I sent them back and they were Moobli replaced All good Even the box is beautiful embossed and filled with attention to detail The deck and book are held together with a light magnetic snap case with aibbon inside so you never have to paw at the cardsThe cards themselves are gilded on their edges the art is sublime I would suggest googling the deck first they have some nice making of videos too this page doesn t do them justiceSome have said that the guide isn t very fleshed out but as someone "who wants to use it for mentally spitballing ather than definite occultish interpretation its perfect and open There many "wants to use it for mentally spitballing ather than definite occultish interpretation its perfect and open There are many t The silver gilding edges are NOT FLAT so cards get stucked with each other when I shuffle themI don t know should I scratch those edges or other ways in oder to get smooth surfaceI didn t meet this situation with other gold edge decksAnd the strength card does look like a blonde white lady bully a statue or giant from Sight wisdom and growthAs a daily tool for Comic Print and Theatre in Early Modern Amsterdam reflection and a powerful vehicle for self discovery The Fountain Taroteveals creative opportunities awakens fresh viewpoints and offers a new take on life's possibilit. .