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Ner A career aspiration attributable to the loss of her younger sister Nicole whose disappearance over a year ago has since turned into a cold case When Livia finds out that a body on her autopsy table had links with her missing sister Livia starts investigating on her ownThe story switches back and forth between the present day and the time leading up to Nicole s disappearance In addition there are several points of view On the same night Nicole disappeared one of her classmates Megan McDonald was abducted but she made it back home a couple of weeks laterI thought the alternating timeframes and perspectives worked well and were straightforward to follow The shortish chapters kept the momentum going and I was pretty much gripped the ntire way through I Girls Like Us enjoyed reading about Livia s work as a forensic pathologist She was an interesting and strong characterMr Donlea threw plenty of red herrings and I m afraid I fell for all the clues The finale was anxciting surprise In the nd there were a couple of things I would have liked information on but overall a solid mystery with a very intriguing plot and well developed characters The Girl Who Was Taken is another amazing tale by my newest favorite author Charlie DonleaA fellow com reviewer that I follow wrote an outstanding Review On One Of on one of author s books that convinced me to take a look at this writer s work last month Since then I have read The Suicide House Some Choose Darkness Summit Lake and The Girl Who Was Taken I have already bought Don t Believe It and will read it nextThe author is really skilled at providing red herrings and other techniues to keep the reader guessing who the killer is I am normally pretty good at figuring out the killer Early On In Murder Mysteries But Have Been Stumped By on in murder mysteries but have been stumped by and all of his other booksThe author s character development is noteworthy I feel like I know all of the characters well and love to hate the bad guys as well as hope the good guys surviveIn this tale Nicole Cutty the little sister of the protagonist Dr Livia Cutty who is a fellow in training to be a medical xaminer is a missing personThe author fully develops Nicole s character as a nice girl gone bad She s made The Invisible Presence enoughnemies that make a list of possible suspects willing to do harm to herThe night Nicole was taken so to was Megan McDonald Megan was the daughter of a Sheriff Megan s record of achievements academically athletically and a mentor made her star shine and really glow when she Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Profits Right Now escaped from her ordeal Smothered by her parents and others she postpones her scholarship to Duke and is under therapy as her book is written and climbing the latter of best sellersAs Nicole fades from memory in the shadow of Megan s fame Livia Sparks a friendship with her and asks her to do what nobodylse Sticky Wisdom even considered to help Livia find out what happened to her sister She jumps at the chance and the results are breathtakingThis is such a well written and satisfying tale that I had a hard time putting it down It was spellbindingThe author captured mymotions and had me twisting in my chair gasping and gesticulating as if I were on the scene and part of the actionI recommend this Online Marketing enthralling story to family friends and others who are in search for a suspense filled murder mystery that grabs the reader and doesn t let go through the last wordEnjoy I absolutely LOVED The Girl Who Was Taken by Charlie Donlea This was my first book by this author and it won t be my last I ll allow you to read about the plot yourself in the description rather than retelling it to you but I will say that it is fantastic It kept me fullyngaged from start to finish and on the Spoiled edge of my seat dying to know what was going to happen next I definitely did not predict any of the surprising twists that are packed within these pages And thendingwow Never The Business of Family Business even crossed my mind the story wouldnd up that way Charlie Donlea is a great storytellerto plan out and then write a book like this takes some ser. Er deep in the woods A year later the best selling account of her ordeal has turned Megan from local hero to national celebrity It's a triumphant inspiring story Healing Herbs Spices except for one inconvenient detail Nicole is still missing Nicole's older sister Livia a fellow in forensic pathologyxpects that one day soon Nicole's body will be found and it will be up to someone like Livia to analyze the vidence and finally determine her sister's fate Instead the first clue to Nicole's disappearance comes from another body that shows up in Livia's. Ious skill and patience Whew Great jobAlong with the kindle version I also purchased the audiobook from Audible The narration is xactly as I imagined the characters to sound Nina Alvamar did an xcellent job as narrator I would love to listen to books she has narrated Her pronunciation pace volume and inflection were right on in my opinionI give this Book 55 Stars Across The 55 stars across the and recommend it to those who love the thrillersuspensemystery genre as well as to those who njoy books told in alternating viewpoints as the chapters progress Fans of authors such as Mary Kubica will definitely njoy The Girl Who Was Taken By Charlie Was Taken by Charlie you for reading my review What kind of an nding was that I ve heard of cliffhangers leading into another book but that was ridiculous It left you nowhere and feeling totally unfulfilled No next book for me This book relates a scenario you don t see happen too often a girl is abducted but is able to Hidden (Otherworld Stories, escape and return That is what happens to Megan McDonald she is abducted from annd of high schoolpre college party but returns to not only tell her story but write a book about it Her book generates great public interest and turns her into a TV talk show heroine who has now processed her ordeal and healed Unfortunately this is not the reality Megan has not healed and is attempting with the aid of her psychiatrist and hypnosis to recover the memories of her two week ordeal Then there is the matter of Nicole Cutty Megan s classmate and fellow party goer Nicole also vanished that night presumably at the hands of Megan s abductor and has not been seen since Nicole s older sister Dr Livia Cutter is a forensic pathologist fellow on her way to becoming a medical Led Astray examiner A year after her sister s disappearance Livia feels a great burden of guilt Consumed by the over taxing schedule of her fellowship she knows she turned away from her troubled younger sister s reaching out for her help Worst of all she ignored a phone call from her sister on the night of her disappearance As part of her studies Livia performs numerous autopsies on bodies brought in to the medicalxaminer and she is prepared for the day that Nicole is brought in and she can bring some closure to herself and her family She reads Megan s book and can t help but resent her for coming out alive and apparently well and profiting from her Pieces of a puzzle experience After meeting Megan she realizes this is not the case Megan has never forgotten Nicole and feels guilt for surviving when Nicole has never been found Together they begin to investigate the circumstances surrounding the abductions and learn of other similar cases Along the way they meet some interesting and disturbing people with information on the case The story moves back and forth from months prior to the abduction to over a year after Megan s return There are also a few chapters spoken from the abductor s point of view with his twistedmotions and skewed rationalization of his actions At first I thought this might be confusing but it is a very Human Error effective device that gradually fills in all the history and details until the full picturemerges There are a few red herrings I was pretty sure I knew who the abductor was fairly Local Online Marketing early in the book but nope wrong Then another possible leadmerged another dead Les grands vaincus de l'histoire end The book built to anxciting conclusion and the No 91 A Belfast Ghost Story ending was truly shocking The characters arextremely well defined fleshed out and detailed they are described so well through their thoughts and actions that I was actually picturing actors and actresses who I felt should portray them in the film that definitely should be made from this book As a final note this book was Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing extremely welldited with none of the distracting typos or wrong word usage seen in so many Sound and Fury (Drake Chronicles, e books I never rate books down for this type of thing because to me the story is what is important but it is nice not to have to deal with it I highly recommend this book and definitely intend to read of Mr Donlea s wor. Morgue that of a young man connected to Nicole's past Livia reaches out to Megan for help hoping to learn about the night the two were taken Other girls have gone missing too and Livia is increasingly certain the cases are connected But Megan knows than she revealed in her blockbuster book Flashes of memory are coming together pointing to something darker and monstrous than her chilling memoir describes And the deeper she and Livia dig the they realize that sometimes true terror lies in findingxactly what you've been looking for. The Girl Who Was Taken

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