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Y then got uite tense and a little exciting with an uplifting ending Really enjoyed it It was alright not very gripping and a bit weak by McNab s usual standards think he should stick to the Nick Stone stuff I got this from s usual standards think he should stick to the Nick Stone stuff I got this from library today from the uick read section along with 4 thers It was my first McNab novel I have read and I thought it was so good and very funny I know it s very hard to establish characters and build the foundation f a great story Over Such A Short Book But I such a short book but I I could have written this myself during an afternoon watching the tv No impressed but will reserve a proper rating f the author until I read Artificial Evolution (Big Sigma, onef his full titles Brilliant readingGreat author as always loved the story it kept you wanting too not put the book down till it was finished really enjoyable I ENJOY MOST OF THE GOOD READS UICK READS YER GROAN BECAUSE THEY ARE UICK BUT THEY DO WHAT THEY SAY GET TO THE GRIPPY BIT STRAIGHT AWAY WITHOUT. E usually stays in to save moneyBut Kevin Has Spent Enough has spent enough nights in watching TV and decides he'd like a night On Moral Courage out himself And he's not talking about a pint and a packetf peanuts down. It was a refreshing to read a story about a happily Married Couple In The Grey couple in the Grey by McNab Kevin and Linda Dodds live a content but routine life in England Kevin is the deputy manager Nanny by Chance of a bank branch while his wife works in a Specsavers store Kevin is the grey man unremarkable unnoticed uninspired butne day he decides he has had enough Mastering the Art of Self-Sufficiency in New Zealand of being put down by his boss andthers He initiates a plan to rob the bank where he worksMcNab manages to create a surprising amount f suspense in this short book which is part of the uick Reads series He uickly establishes the characters and creates a the uick Reads series He uickly establishes the characters and creates a scenario which leads you to wonder how the situation is going to be resolved It is a satisfying enjoyable tale even though it does glorify robbery Just by the authors name I was expecting soldiers explosions and some serious action I didn t get that but I can t really complain as I got an engaging story It started ff gentl. A STUNNING ACTION THRILLER FROM A REAL LIFE HEROKevin Dodds leads a dull uneventful life He has a steady job at the bank a nice house and car His wife goes to Bingo n a Saturday night but .
TO MUCH WAFFLE YEY AND HANDY TO TAKE ON OTHER MODES OF TRANSPORT AVAILABLE YER ARE AVAILABLE YER CAN GUESS WERE THIS TAKE ON BUSES OTHER MODES OF TRANSPORT ARE AVAILABLE YER U CAN GUESS WERE THIS GOING WITH THE GREY MAN NOT GIVING TO MUCH WAY HE WANTS MORE OF AN EXCITING LIFE BUT ALWAYS BE CAREFUL WHAT U WISH FOR YEY IT HOLDS YOUR ATTENTION WITHOUT GETTING TO HEAVY AND NOT SURE BUT THINK A MORAL IN THEIR SOMEWHERE This is the first Andy McNab book that I have read and is sure not going to be the lastA lovely simple story about a normal bank clerk the grey man f the title It would have been so easy to pad this ut to fill 300 pages but at about 100 it is a crisp to the point read Ideal reading for traveling r if your not in the mood for something long windedRecommended Not really his metier slightly amusing but lukewarm Ion Adventure in the Heartland, Volume 1 overall I was given this book as a gift and told it was a good read The good thing is that it s short The writing is very amateurish even for a short story I ll give Andy McNab a miss in future. At the local He's going to attempt to pullff a daring bank robbery single handedKevin is about to take a heart thumping step into the unknownFor nce he's going to stop being the grey man. The Grey Man

Free read The Grey Man

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