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Kvinden i buretIll there and in a blaze of unfire all three detectives are shot One dead one paralyzed from the neck down and Carl with a السودان المأزق التاريخي و آفاق المستقبل - المجلد الثاني grazed head Things happened so fast that Carl didn t even have a chance to pull his weapon When he replays what happened frame by frame in his head he realizes he did have time He froze He is cleared but theuilt hangs like a shroud over everything he does Carl is lonely and when an attractive female walks across his vision he has to reel his tongue back in He is especially attracted to married women Adler Olsen didn t really explore that in depth but it does make me wonder if part of their attraction for Carl is their unattainability or maybe he is attracted to older women likely to be married If you listen carefully you might actually hear the thump under Carl s desk as the sexy psychiatrist Mona Ibsen walks into his office Mona Ibsen sat down across from him The light from outside on Otto Monsteds Gade shone on the back of her neck creating a halo around her head the soft light revealed delicate lines on her face her lips were sensual and a deep red Everything about her signaled high class Carl locked eyes with her so as not to dwell on her voluptuous breasts Nothing in the world could make him want to break out of the state he was in I think that state is called lust Carl I had to put my hands over my eyes during the rest of this scene He mucks things up so badly you d think he d never talked to a woman before in his life Jussi Adler Olsen even looks like a The Pavement Arena guy who just wrote a reallyood bookThis book is a slow burn If you have read Scandinavian books before you will expect this I think it was around 130 pages that the book really hooked me The book switches between Merete before 2007 and Carl investigating her cold case in 2007 As the plot picks up momentum and we learn and about what has happened to Merete you will find yourself on the edge of your seat You will find yourself despite his best efforts to start to like Carl You will wonder if some woman will take pity on Carl and haul his ashes By the end you will already be looking for volume two in the Department series Everything can change in an instantThis seems to be the overwhelming message left by author Jussi Adler Olsen in his 2007 novel The Keeper of Lost Causes published in English in 2011 with a translation from Danish by Lisa HartfordEverything changed for detective Carl Morck in an instant when he and two colleagues were shot during an investigation One of his fellow police officers was killed and the other was injured for life in a horrific and traumatic event that has scarred Morck forever after He is about as wounded and psychologically messed up as a crime fiction protagonist can be and that seems to be a prereuisite for such characters in the dark world of Nordic NoirAdd to this that Morck is a particularly abrasive and unlikeable person to begin with and that helps to explain Morck s surprise when he is promoted to head up a new crime unit devoted to solving cold cases Turns out the move was politically motivated to take advantage of some appropriated funds while also shelving a problematic detective Not born yesterday Carl figures out how the wind has changed and at first settles comfortably into his basement digs to wait out the next twenty odd years until retirement by playing Sudoku and napping on the clockA new hire to his department consisting of two people actually wants to do some police work and so the two choose one of department consisting of two people actually wants to do some police work and so the two choose one of dozens of cold case files and et to work So begins Adler Olsen s introduction of his Department seriesA plausible and seemingly interesting enough premise coupled with the Scandinavian crime fiction theme and this looked like it was headed in all the right directions But Morck was annoying than wounded and I found myself thinking about Harry Hole or Kurt Wallander Now those Are Damaged Cops You Can Follow Half The Time Especially damaged cops you can follow Half the time especially the dreary sub plot about his home life I wanted to o Vito Corleone on his whiney ass slap him and tell him to ACT LIKE A MANAdler Olsen used a narrative structure where he switched perspectives between Morck and the victim in a crime case and following the victim was appealing than Morck s detective work Until Adler Olsen went overboard and her story turned into a weird sadistic melodrama Still looking back on the book I felt closer to this storyline than with Morck sOverall I must concede that I liked it almost kind of Rabiosa grudgingly Not one of the better Nordic Noir lineups but Adler Olsen is aood writer and this is a Sculpting Making a Toddler Doll good concept for stories Who is he reallyWhat s in the Scandinavian Water There are so manyood mysteries appearing by Scandinavian writers recently Why are they just now being translated into English I don t think I ve run into a better detective duo than Carl a policeman of many years experience and his sidekick Assad who he supposedly hired to clean the office Assad says he s an emigrant from Syria where he used to be a taxi driver but he seems to have skills that not many cabbies could claim He s able to Soldados del Multiverso: Guerreros del pasado (Guerras del Multiverso n 2) get documents examined and deciphered with the help of friends with special skills but no names And they do it uickly and accurately than the police department He uses his charm toet co worker s help and allegiance where the cantankerous Carl fails He notices and remembers things that Carl misses The funniest parts are when Carl underestimates Assad though it s understandable because of Assad s mad skills at coming across as a hapless charmer with a wide toothed On Disgust grin It s a perfect way for him to hide in plain sight He s always cheerful whistling or singing as he scrubs the office and then drops a clue that explodes the case This book is about the journey and less about the ending In fact Adler Olsen let s you in on the probable ending right as the story opens but there are many twists and turns along the way that propel you to keep turning pages In my opinion this is not uite in the category of Larsson s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but it s immensely entertaining. Five years earlier and is presumed dead But she isn’t dead yetDarkly humorous propulsive and atmospheric The Keeper of Lost Causes introduces American readers to the mega bestselling series fast becoming an international sensatio. Hey re clever and their complex plan was well thought out As Carlets closer to finding Merete her time may just be running out and there s a dramatic suspenseful climax The characters in the book are well portrayed and believable if you accept that some people behave monstrously and the story is engaging I highly recommend this book to mystery lovers and look forward to reading of this author s work You can follow my reviews at Another Nordic noir This is the first of a seven book Danish series about Deputy Superintendent Carl Morck It s a police proceduralLike all fictional detectives Morck has his issues He s in the process of etting divorced although he still sees his wife and she likes to tell him about her young lovers He s blunt in the romance department always hitting on the wrong woman especially ones wearing a wedding ring He s also psychologically damaged from a recent incident where he feels responsible for the death of one of his colleagues and the paralysis of another He wasn t able to draw his weapon and can t open up to the police psychologist He has panic attacks Some of his colleagues blame him for the incident So he has been kicked upstairs actually to the basement to work on cold cases with a Syrian partner who provides insight into the case as well as humorThe first cold case he works on the subject of the book is truly bizarre A female Danish member of parliament has been missing for five years We know from the beginning she is still alive and being held in solitary confinement in an air pressurized chamber in retribution for something she did as a child She doesn t know what The parliament member had been involved in an auto accident as a irl that killed her parents and New Menopausal Years gave her younger brother brain damage The police investigation in which she disappeared off of a ferry boat was badly botched years ago The police simply assume she had jumped or fallen off the ferry and drowned Little by little Morck solves the caseI thought it was aood read and it kept my attention all the way through The dozen or so chapters that deal with the captive woman s psychological state could be shorter and less repetitive But still a Faja (Naslouchač, good story Copenhagen from creativeboomcomThe author from billedbladetdk Book one in a series set in Denmark featuring Detective Inspector Carl Morck a man who believes he has exhausted his interest in his job and just wants to sit out the remaining years to his retirement A series of events puts him in charge of a newly established cold case depa Hey look Anotherruff male detective with a crazy ex I wonder if he s experienced some prior trauma in the line of duty Oh he has I wonder if he s an outcast in his department Oh he is I wonder if he flouts protocol and pushes boundaries Oh he does I wonder if all the female characters are repeatedly defined by their physical appearance or presumed sexuality Oh they are Fantastic Now I ve ot something I can recommend to readers who are interested in cliches sexism and misogyny B 78% Good Notes Characters ush ad nauseam about the victim s beauty I suppose to make her victimization seem all the tragic She d been s beauty I suppose to make her victimization seem all the tragic She d been on the floor thinking about books That was something she often did in order not to think about the life she might have had if only she d made different choices When she thought about books she could move into a whole different world Just remembering the feeling of the dry surface and inexplicable roughness of the paper could ignite a blaze of yearning inside of her The scent of evaporated cellulose and printer s ink Thousands of times now She D Sent Her d sent her into her imaginary library and selected the only book in the world that she knew she could recall without embellishing itA philosophical little bear named Winnie the Pooh was her salvation her only defense against madness Pooh and all the animals in Hundred Acre Wood Merete could have used a Pooh and a balloonMerete Lynggaard disappears in 2002 She is a well known political figure and because she is beautiful she is also photographed extensively by a roving band of paparazzi They Dirty Work get paid when it is chilly and her nipples are noticeable through her blouse This is a voyeuresue world Despite her very public professional life she keeps her private lifeprivate She doesn t date even though there are legions of men that would love to spend time with her She has important duties such asetting home to her brother who is afflicted with brain damage suffered in a car accident that also took the lives of their parents She has enemies as do all politicians but would any of them try to hurt herThe book flashes between 2002 and 2007 In 2007 we meet Detective Carl Morck a Hearts Farthings grumpy depressed at time acerbic man who no one wants to work with When theovernment insists the Copenhagen police department form a cold case department the Chief of Detectives jumps at the chance to assign Carl to that department which department the Chief of Detectives jumps at the chance to assign Carl to that department which happens to be in the basementwaywayaway from the rest of the detectives In Department Carl is the darkest dankest corner of the basement of the police departmentJussi Adler Olsen explores the politics inherent in any organization as the Chief tries to keep as much of that The Mount Shasta Mission government money allocated to Department in a slush fund and Carl Morck starts to understand that he has leverage to certainly obtain than what they firstave him for his department In one of his negotiations with the Chief he Little Darlings gets an assistant a Syrian with a dubious passport who is supposed to help clean Department but once Carl discovers how resourceful Assad is he starts to use him to help track down clues and also obtain what he needs from other departments Assadets along with people much better than Carl Now Carl does have some legitimate issues that can account for some of his anti social behavior He has recently returned to work from being shot He and two other detectives were investigating a murder They did not clear the murder scene the way we are used to seeing it done on American TV It turns out the killer is st. Department is a department of one and Carl’s ot only a stack of Copenhagen’s coldest cases for company His colleagues snicker but Carl may have the last laugh because one file keeps nagging at him a liberal politician vanished. .
Imagine if the brooding detective Kurt Wallander from the Henning Mankell series accidentally wandered into the plot of a Stieg Larsson novel and you d have a pretty ood idea of what this book is like Unfortunately we don t et a new Salander but we do et a pretty interesting and flawed character in Carl Morck Morck is a Danish police detective who survived being shot in the head during an attack that left another detective dead and one paralyzed While Morck has returned to duty he s so depressed and wracked by survivor s Your Name Here guilt that he s barely lifting a finger on his cases and hisrumpiness has alienated the other cops His boss decides to take a sour old shot in the head lemon and make lemonade out of him when national politics force him to create a department to work on high profile cold cases Morck is promoted to be in charge of the new Department and sent down to a basement officeAt first Morck is happy to be left alone in the basement where he can smoke all he wants and play computer solitaire all day but when he learns that the department is using the money allotted for Department to beef up the homicide division he demands a piece of the action including a department car Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, getting the basement fixed up and his own assistant to make the coffee and do the shit work However heets than just someone to answer the phone with Assad a Syrian immigrant who is curious about the case files When the political pressure to show some progress mounts Morck reluctantly ends up looking into the mysterious disappearance of a beautiful female politician Merete Lynggaard who vanished five years before In a parallel story we learn what happened to Merete and her horrible fateThere was a lot I found intriguing about this book The Morck character and the set up of him being exiled to Department was an interesting idea and I really liked this True grumpyuilt ridden detective with a messy personal life I also loved the dynamic between him and Assad with the bright and curious assistant messing up Morck s plans to sit uietly in the basement and smoke some cigarettes Assad can read a case file and come up with legitimate deductions and uestions but while he s smart enough to track down a long missing piece of critical evidence he doesn t know any better than to handle it once he finds it Unfortunately Morck s messy personal life seemed to be a bit much after a while He keeps A Fairly Honourable Defeat getting phone calls andiving money to his estranged wife and after a while you just want to scream at him to Fucking Trans Women get a divorce lawyer and change his number While the circumstances of Merete s abduction and her circumstances are disturbing and horrible I figured out the villain s motive early in the book so that was pretty obvious Plus after a while Merete s predicament starts too over the top and takes a turn onto Torture Porn Avenue and that s not a neighborhood I like visitingStill despite some clunky writing which could be a translation issue I liked Morck and Assad and I found the basic premise intriguing I ve also ot a big streak of Danish heritage but know almost nothing about Denmark so it was fun to soak up a little of the old home country in a better than average crime thriller So Stieg Larson has drawn me into the world of Scandinavian sleuths Jussi Adler Olsen has created a wonderfully weird detective in Carl Morck who is so damaged mentally that the Copenhagen police department has deep sixed him in the one man investigative unit Department job is to the Copenhagen police department has deep sixed him in the one man investigative unit Department His is to out cold cases And he does it brilliantly with the help of a fascinating sidekick Assad a Syrian immigrant with a suitcase of mysterious skills Together they find out what ever happened to a popular politician one missing I recommend that you throw in your reading time with keeper of lost causes It will not be lost hours Sherry Roberts author of Book of Mercy and Maud s House Danish detective Carl Morck is physically and psychologically damaged after an attempted arrest resulted in the death of one of his partners and the paralysis of another The homicide suad doesn t want to work with the difficult detective so he s promoted to head of Department which is tasked with looking into cold cases from all over Denmark Department is You Can Make Anything Sad given a bare bones space in the cluttered basement and Carl isiven one employee Syrian immigrant Assad who s officially a sort of janitor Assad however turns out to be a man of many talents and a Life Leverage gifted detective In fact he s one of the most amusing and interesting characters in the story After futzing around for weeks drinking coffeeoofing off and ignoring the cold case files on his desk Carl is forced to show some progress in his investigations Thus he decides to look into the disappearance five years before of Merete Lynggaard of the Social Democratic Party who vanished from a ferry she was taking with her handicapped brother Merete s body was never found And Her Fate Is her fate is complete mystery to the cops In reality Merete is being held prisoner under appalling conditions for reasons she can t fathom The story jumps back and forth between Merete s kidnapping starting in 2002 and what s Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? going on in 2007 during Morck s new investigation Morck is an intuitive detective perhaps the best in the homicide department and with the help of Assad heathers much new information about Merete s vanishing A lot of the new details should have been discovered by the original investigators whom Carl freely criticizes and chastises These scenes are amusing and oddly satisfyingAdding to his disaffection Carl has a somewhat complicated private life His estranged wife and her new boyfriend are constantly sponging money off him and his teenage stepson who has elected to live with Carl is a typical adolescent I kind of wished Carl would Alhambra get a backboneive his stepson back to mom and lock up his wallet but I suppose it s all part of Carl s story In addition Carl has a crush on the new counselorpsychologist in the police department and rather embarrasses himself The villains in the story behave in a horrific fashion but Carl Mørck used to be one of Copenhagen’s best homicide detectives Then a hail of bullets destroyed the lives of two fellow cops and Carl who didn’t draw his weapon blames himself So a promotion is the last thing he expects But.

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