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Why Fonts Matter PaperbackHow to Draw Type and Influence People: An Activity Book PaperbackWhat's Your Type: The Type Dating Game HardcoverWhat's Your Type: The Type Dating Game GameThe Type Taster: How Fonts Influence You PaperbackThe night the fonts farted: Colouring book PaperbackThe night the fonts did something naughty: Colouring book PaperbackFontosaur: When dinosaur fonts roamed the Earth colouring book PaperbackSchrift zeichnen und Botschaften senden: Ein Activity-Buch Paperback

Mation presented beautifully as you would expect from a book about typefaces But the best bit for me is that it makes the topic fun and exciting If you didn T KNOW YOU WERE INTERESTED IN know you were interested in already then you definitely will be after reading this book Looking forward to reading this I used this book as the guideline for my Senior Project on Typography We continued the experiments and found that each experiment was supported with the data we collected Such an exciting take on typography in design and graphics This book is a great read with lots of experiments showing the importance of font choice I have used this book in my university and the students enjoy as much as I do This past November Sarah s work was at Adobe MAX which was a multi sensory exhibit that so many people enjoyed I highly recommend following Sarah on Instagram typetasting always lots of fun with type This book was immensely helpful to me as a product designer I can now confidently uantify why a font will or won t work for a specific application or product At times it feels a bit repetitive but it really helps to unlock how different fonts will make people feel I like that what I learned from this book applies to all fonts not ust the ones talked about in this book Because you learn to understand the underlying principles of how typefaces make us feel on a subconscious level. Onalities Graphic designer Sarah Hyndman specializes in exploring how fonts influence us as type consumers; Why Fonts Matter synthesizes Hyndman's 20 years of experience as graphic designer with her typographic research and the findings of experimental psychologists and neuroscientist. F no use it s so boring whatever With such an excellent book on hand "that shows everything from the punk and grunge to the neat "And Tidy They May "tidy they may everything from the punk and grunge to the neat and tidy they may believe me when I say that design is important xmas gift I got the pleasure of meeting Sarah and performing some of her experiments in London Her Workshops And Experiments As Documented In This Book Show The and experiments as documented in this book show the influence typography has on one s perception A very interesting read Due to my interests in typography and in Sarah s Type Tasting experiments I got a special opportunity to perform Sarah s experiments at my university All of her experiments are so fun and interactive Great book for Sarah Hyndman shows her interesting findings on how typography affects people s perceptions on labels packaging etc You ll learn what personality certain typefaces have and what typefaces is best suited for a specific use Great to read for anyone the marketingdesign industry We used this book to guide our senior project on typography It s filled with lots of love and hard work Highly recommend Loved it Really useful book with loads of interesting things about fonts that I didn t know As a graphic designer it s always good to read around a subject and this was definitely one of the better reads I would read it again in a heartbeat This book is everything I hoped it would be It is packed with interesting and useful infor. Hidden in plain sight they trigger memories associations and multi sensory experiences in your imagination You may not believe it but fonts can change the meanings of words right before your very eyes alter the taste of your food evoke emotional responses and reveal their users' pers. ,

a look at the experiences and associations typeface evokes Fonts have different personalities that can create trust mistrust give you confidence make things seem easier to do or make a product taste better Understand the science behind how fonts influence what you read They're.  Why Fonts Matter

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