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Jack the Giant Killer lDammit Tricked by cover porn Look at that cover it is gorgeous It has a very intriguing premise but waset down by the execution It reads A Day in the Budwig Diet like an early draft A few rounds of revising and editing could elevate this story into a masterpiece I did read an early copy so hopefully some of the issues I had with it were resolved before releaseIt is a satiricalook at Determinism Vs Free Will In vs free will in digital age and tech giants profiting from the subjection of humanity In the not too distant future societies are surreptitiously controll This was a really

Frustrating Book For Me To 
book for me to I think the theme and issues are important but there were several aspects of both the style and the plot that made it fall flatIn terms of the style this was a bad mix of scifi and Lambs To The Slaughter literary fiction Iove both genres so I was really excited for this and it didn t meet my expectations It was bad scifi way too many info dumps that ed to an excess of telling an not showing and I found the style and characters abysmal At points it seemed allegorical and dreamy but she clearly wanted us to care about the characters And although she clearly wanted us to care about the characters they were all incredibly s It started well a great concept and very witty I want to know what the ending is but I just don t want to read it any It seems to be going nowhere slowly 35 maybe It s difficult to rate this It reminded me most of my experience with Joshua Cohen s Book of Numbers a book I hated at first and continued to find frustrating throughout but ended up oving and now regard as one of the greatest novels the 21st century has yet produced There are also superficial similarities in the books plots for example chunks of the story being focused on a powerful tech mogul I m not sure I can uite place Zed in the masterpiece category but it s far interesting than a middling star rating might suggestReading between the ines I think Zed must have been through some serious rewrites When first announced it focused on some of the same characters but was set in 1999 and titled Tomorrow it s since been significantly pushed back from its original release date of May 2018 Even now a week before publication there are noticeable differences between the blurb and the version I read For example two of the characters referenced in the current blurb the female PM and the hacker named Gogol are only mentioned a handful of times in only mentioned a handful of times in book I perhaps ought to add a disclaimer that what I m reviewing here may not be what appears in printWith all that out of the way the version I read is set in the nearish future Beetle an enormous corporation whose closest real world analogue is probably dominates technology employment and justice The main characters are its CEO Guy Matthias his right hand man Douglas Varley their Veeps virtual personal assistants who are sometimes embodied and sometimes not Eloise Jayne a senior anti terrorism officer and David Strachey a newspaper editor There s also a dissident who goes by many names but is most often known as Bel Ami The society these characters inhabit is founded on the idea that technology can reliably predict human behaviour The plot such as it is deals with what becomes of such a society when humans suddenly start being dangerously unpredictable This collapse is blamed on a factor known as Zed the term is a stand in for human decoherence It took me perhaps 80 pages to feel I d made any sort of connection with the narrative I was going to say that Zed is not an immediately engaging book but that s not strictly true it has entertaining details from the start The names of the Veeps never failed to raise a smile It s the plot that never uite seems to get going The whole story feels ike a tug of war on one side there s a meandering philosophicalsatirical account of a bunch of Slate (Rebel Wayfarers MC, lostonely people and on the other the sense that someone s been trying their best to mould it into a plot driven tech thrillerThe result is certainly enjoyable yet somewhat muddled This is a book which has clear undercurrents of brilliance intellect and imagination than whole swathes of current fiction but is often sluggish and mildly unsatisfying as a wholeI received an advance review copy of Zed from the publisher through NetGalleyTinyLetter Twitter Instagram Tumblr 20420Looking back I wasn t taking with the story because I felt that the messagecommentary was ouder than the actual story28220Had to put this one down for now there seems to be a ot of commentary here on society that I m not grasping too well301119Thank you to Doubleday for gifting me a copy of ZedYo. From the winner of the Orange Award for New Writing comes a blistering satirical novel about ife under a global media and tech corporation that knows exactly what we think what we want and what we do before we do One corporation has made a perfect world based on a perfect algorithm now what to do with all these messy people Lio. ,
Zed AUTHOR Joanna KavennaIon system is conducted via Boardroom a virtual reality system in which avatars meet in virtual roomsThe book is full of dark humour and Kavenna clearly had great fun inventing the terminology acronyms and the names of the Veeps which are full of allusions The Veeps conversations are also very entertaining as they often fail to see the sense of a word and spout irrelevant historyThe world of Beetle is disturbed when a man gets drunk and murders his wife and children This has not been predicted by any of his ifechains and the event is categorised as a Zed event His arrest is bungled resulting in an innocent man being murdered by an ANT and the conseuential chain of chaos threatens to destabilise the company which effectively declares war on Zed events and creates its own simplified EL SUTIL ARTE DE QUE (CASI TODO) TE IMPORTE UNA MIERDA (HARPERCOLLINS) language Bespoke making it mandatory for all interfaces with Beetle technology and resulting in comedy of misunderstanding There is also a human element to the destruction as a group of maverick scientists succeed in building a new type of supercomputer which can hack Beetle s encryption system and much of the second half of the book explores the chaos that ensuesThe book is not by any means perfect there are many ideas at play and some of these reuire digressive explanations but I found the whole thing compulsively readable and at timesaugh out oud funny and it certainly made me think about many elements of our society the forces that control it and what it means to be human I really hope this book will find a wider readership Joanna Kavenna s Zed is a pitch dark comedy about an Orwellian future where Big Brother is not only watching but controls every aspect of I reserved Zed at the ibrary when it was still on order so it retains that divine New Book Smell I was very excited to read it as Kavenna s A Field Guide to Reality was unexpectedly wonderful and Zed appeared to be a zeitgeist novel about surveillance capitalism And indeed that is what it is The contrast with A Field Guide to Reality is so strong that I m rather surprised they re by the same author Whereas A Field Guide to Reality had a dreamlike whimsical atmosphere Zed has a distinctively bleak and deadpan narrative voice Although both are very well executed I found A Field Guide to Reality emotionally satisfying The appea I received a copy of this from Netgalley and the Publisher in exchange for my open and honest reviewJoanna Kavenna s highly unusual and unpredictable novel Zed is not what you expect Going into the story and ooking at the gorgeous cover you would think that what you cover you would think that what you in for is a deep science fiction story While that what you in for is a deep science fiction story While it your perception of the story changes to confusion Then you realize what this is is a stylistic darkly humorous techno thriller that is about how digitally enthralled we are with technology and human nature then the ins and outs of the technology itself The story starts with Douglas Varley a technologist for a arge company called Beetle Beetle Reminds Me Of What me of what be in 10 years and no The Diary of Darcy J. Rhone (Darcy Rachel, laws Beetle has integrated itself into every facet of humanife From the regulation of physiological things You might need to do some deep breathing Eloise Your pulse is elevated and something is burning To society people are paid in beetle credits Predictive algorithms predict crimes before they happen programs speak for you and humanity is uantified down to data points and numbers Other characters company owner Guy Matthias and police officer Eloise Jayne also have interesting parts that balance out the weird dynamics of such a dizzying computer driven world All of these data points and prediction belie the one unuantifiable behavior humans have choice The choice humans have to behave unpredictably This story is written in almost a frenetic style It bounces from one character to the next then through technical jargon and back again It is spastic and at times challenging to follow Stylistically the idea behind the novel is excellent Technology has infused our existence We talk to our phones than we talk to people We talk about idealistic human behavior but often 7 Navykov Vysokoeffektivnykh Lyudej lack context Weive in soundbites in this digital world But because of the frenzied pace of the story and dialog I had a difficult time making connections with the story Instead of caring about any of the characters It all blended in a freewheeling cacophony of digital noise In hindsight this may have been the point all along from author Joanna Kavenna But for me as a reader it felt very flatIf you would Lichtenstein like to read of my reviews or various other bookish things please come by my blogat. Beetle's technotopia andife as we know it Dazzlingly original and darkly comic Zed asks profound uestions about who we are what we owe to one another and what makes us human It describes our moment the ugliness and the beauty perfectly Kavenna is a prophet who has seen deeply into the present and thrown back her head and augh. .

U can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Website 375 S Rounded Up To Website 375 s rounded up to I honestly don t even know how to begin to review this book A work of dystopian fiction Zed is uite funny than a bit sad ike aww bless their hearts sad for those of you who don t speak southern that means those poor dumbotherwise impaired peoplenot need a box of tissues sad slightly terrifying and crazy In the very near future Beetle is the huge tech company that runs the world Literally It s the NSA Apple Google Facebook etc etc all rolled into one on steroids People drive beetle made etc all rolled into one on steroids People drive beetle made cars actually the smart cars drive the people Beetle bits are the only accepted currency everyone has their own Beetle personal assistant that can come in both real fake bodies and a disembodied voice on their Beetle bands which everyone has to wear on their wrists in order to do anything in society ike work buy things appliances and everything else Beetle has cameras on every street only to keep people safe wink wink and in every room in your house again solely for safety Your Beetle fridge tells you if you re eating right and that maybe you d ike a yogurt instead of that bacon for breakfast to keep you as healthy as you can be Beetle owns the media but there is no bias and reporters or robo hacks can still write whatever they want wink wink Thanks to Beetle the world is full of cities and copies of cities and copies of copies of cities that are all smart and PERFECT wink wink Beetle does your ifechain where you see exactly what decisions you will make and exactly what happens to you when you make them That way the authorities can arrest people for future crimes so nothing bad ever happens any Obviously Beetle is all about the health and happiness of the people nothing or The Greatest You less okay do I need to keep saying wink wink Or do you get it Then Zed happens What is Zed you ask That is a great uestion Zed is bad That we know Zed events cause theifechains to go wonky as things happen that weren t predicted People do things for unknown reasons the personal assistants go just as crazy as real people and all because of Zed Like I said this book was uite funny and also a bit scary as some of it hit a bit close to home in the age of technology we The Elite Way live in which I m pretty sure was the point I catch on fast but surely this could and would never happen wink wink It was a bitike reading the thoughts of someone high on shrooms while riding it s a small world at times but it was meant to be that way so even those slightly confusing all over the place parts were funny and easy to get through This was my first Joanna Kavenna book but it won t be my Crumbs last I won this book in a goodreads giveaway Joanna Kavenna is becoming one of my favourite writers her four previous novels Inglorious The Birth of Love Come to the Edge and A Field Guide to Reality are all intelligent and interesting in different ways and her writing is often very funny I must admit that I was aittle nervous when I heard that her atest book was a dystopian fiction set in the near future as this genre is not normally one that appeals to me as a reader When I was offered a chance to read an uncorrected proof copy by a friendly ocal bookshop I couldn t resist it Kavenna s imaginative vision is impressive and the book is funny clever brilliantly realised and full of interesting philosophical ideas but never Spurgeons Expository Encyclopedia loses track of the human and often feminine values at its coreThe Britain of the novel is dominated both socially and politically by Beetle a mega corporation that embodies all of the most rapacious features of Google Facebook Apple and Microsoft to name just five They have monopoly control of almost all aspects ofife their cryptocurrency is the only remaining Sealed legal currency to earn it you need to work for them and to work for them you need to wear a Beetleband which monitors everything you do and contains a Veep or VIPA very intelligent personal assistant and they also control the apparatus of state security via their network of security cameras and robotic policemen ANTs Each person has an associatedife chain computed by an algorithm which predicts all of their important decisions and fates and the Sketching From Square One to Trafalgar Square law now makes a prediction of future criminal behaviour an offence in its own rightThe Beetle brand is owned by Guy Matthias who sees himself as an idealistic visionary and his project as essentially benevolent However his personalife is messy his wife is tired of his philandering and he uses The Familiars lifechains to model his one night stands with a succession of brilliant young women His internal communicat. Nel Bigman is dead Murdered by a robot Guy Matthias the philandering founder and CEO of the mega corporation Beetle insists it was human error But was it Either the predictive algorithms of Beetle's supposedly omniscient 'lifechain' don't work or they've been hacked Both scenarios are impossible to imagine and signal the end of.